Land of the Tiger

Anybody else booked to see the Tigers departing March 25th?

Looking forward to trying to spot tigers over Easter.

First posted ages ago and got no replies so I was wondering if we (my husband andI) were the only ones going! Not long now.. really excited. Have sorted out evisa so will definitely now be able to get into India. Have you travelled with Exodus before? Ever been to India? Fingers crossed for Tigers.

Also did evisa last weekend, successful on my second attempt! Have been to India before (Rajestan and Goa) but not to see Tigers, but have had these trips recommended. I have traveled a lot with Explore but they could not provide the trip I wanted at the time of booking, this will be my first time with Exodus but am thinking it will be much the same. Looking forward to the food, but will probably stick to the vege option for safety! Travelling on my own for this trip as I often do at this time of year, but I'm pretty independent, so don't panic that you will be lumbered with me all of the time! Counting off the days.

My wife Ann and I (Bernard) are also booked on this trip, so at least we will be 5. We have also got our eVisas - hard work (at least for the first - the second was easier). We have been to India before and can recommend the vegetarian food - you don't really need to eat meat unless you wish. This is our sixth trip with Exodus (we have also travelled with Explore), most of which have been with couples and singles, and the shared experiences have been great. Apparently our next challenge is to get bricks of lower denomination Indian currency after we land in Mumbai. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi Maggie, Bernard and Ann. I am now counting the days till we are off! Surely with all those game drives we MUST seem some tigers. As you said Bernard, next challenge is the currency. I would have have felt happy being able to arrive in the country with some cash ... but it will have to happen in Mumbai. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Under a week to go now. It seems that we are not going to be able to to get to a cash point again until the end of the trip - Agra? The trip notes suggest to get low denominations notes of 100 Rupees, which is only about a pound, was just wondering how much people were going to change at Mumbai, roughly? It really will be bricks!

Hi Sue! I do not know if you have read previous trip reviews, but there is a good one by Stuart MacLaren who traveled in April 2015. It is very comprehensive, including his experiences of trying to change money at Mumbai Airport. He said "We changed £400, our whole holiday spending money"; so presumably that was for a couple, and he also made further comments on denominations. Hoping this helps.

You are right - as I write, there is only 4 days to departure on Friday. We will be on the Heathrow-Mumbai-Nagpur Jet Airways flights with backpacks and Exodus labels; so may even make contact en route. Who knows! Anyway, Ann & I look forward to meeting you and (hopefully) happy tiger sightings.

Hi gang! Last bits of packing to do, clear Fridge and then its of to catch the National express coach to Heathrow! Will look out for Exodus labels...However mine are likely to be Explore!! Look out for a green/beige backpack with a camel and orangutan toy key rings hanging from it as it will be me!

Hi Maggie. Hopefully will see you up at the airport. Are you flying Jet Airways 21.05 from Heathrow?

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