Lemosho Route 15 Feb 2017

Just logging in to say hi to everyone going on this hike. Hope you are all as thrilled as I am to hopefully get the opportunity to see the curvature of the earth from this beautiful mountain.

Hello to you too. Looking forward to Kilimanjaro immensely!... although slightly scared too about how hard it might be! Look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks

I wasn't nervous until I started reading past blogs and articles which have resulted in me questioning my ability and my sanity. My remedy is to stop reading any more of them from now on and to focus on the awesome scenery that awaits me.

Agreed! I've spoken to so many people and for all the advice they have said the trek was one of the best experiences of their lives. I am hoping as a group we get each other up there! I am certainly motivated to make it! Only 2 weeks to go. See you soon

Hi all - looking forward to our trip in a few weeks. I hope preparation and packing all going well. Should be excellent. Ed

Hi Ed. I tried to pack, but then ended up unpacking most of what I had packed.I don't want the brave porters to carry more than necessary, so have been doing a lot of dithering. Will have to make some firm decisions soon. Look forward to meeting up with everyone - just over a week to go!

hi all / Christine - I don't know how many other people are on our trip - but at least there are 2 of us!!! Looking forward to the trip immensely - I am just trying to pack now. I seem to have too much stuff! I am flying via Ethiopia tomorrow - look forward to meeting you and fellow travellers tomorrow / Thursday. Ed

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