Looking forward to my first trip with Exodus walking the Great Wall of China

It would be great to chat with anyone else who is going on this trip. 😄

Hi, which dates are you going? I'm on the 14-23oct trip

Yes I'm going on those dates. Not long now!! Getting very excited and apprehensive about climbing parts of the wall having watched the video 😄

My best friend Gill Evans is going on this  trip too. 

Ah yes me too, getting very excited now! I'm travelling on my own so hope we'll have a good sociable group 😊

Are you flying from London? Just trying to work out how much currency to take 🤔

We’re flying from Heathrow and intend to check in early if you’d like to meet up? We reckoned we wouldn’t need much in the way of cash so we’re both taking £300 worth. Though will take cards too.

yes that would be a great idea! Are either of you on Facebook and I'll try find you on there? 

ive just been into town to get the last few bits for the trip and went with £300 also! Excitement has really kicked in now! 

Hi Dominique


Yes I’m on Facebook - Auriel Smith - so should be easy to find! Or my email address is [email protected]

Gill and I wondered if you’d like to check in and sit with us on the plane?

We‘re both really excited too!!! 😄😄

When I’m being picked up, could you guys assist me? I’m staying at Dong Fang hotel, Beijing, and haven’t been informed what time I’m being picked up....

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