Lost World Angel Falls

Just got back a week ago from this trip. Fantastic trip but maybe suggest you don't go at Easter as the Venezuelans are also on holiday and things are very busy and noisy for the first few days! Amazing scenery but make the most of the exuberance and enthusiasm of the guide Elka who makes this trip her own. I'm not sure how much longer she will be the guide, but I urge you to go whilst she's still in charge as she makes it her personal challenge to give you the trip you've been looking for. Her choice of drivers and porters was exceptional and the food they prepared for us in some very remote locations was far better than our expectations. I would suggest a good head for heights would be recommended as the final ascent of Roraima (and decent later on) is quite challenging.
But the scenery and landscapes make this a worthwhile trip.

Thanks for that information. I am thinking about booking for October. How did you cope with the river crossings? I've done a few stepping stone type traverses, with boots and gaiters but I presume the weather would be shorts at that time of the year. Also what are the toilet arrangements whilst camping? How did you get on with the water purification? Is the summit to Ruraima exposed and narrow?

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