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The trip information requests that no suitcases or hard-bottom bags be taken on the Gorilla and Masai Mara tour. It said due to the locker size, however if the suitcase fits within the locker dimensions do you think it will an issue? Or can we unpack the contents into the locker and store the empty suitcase elsewhere?

Has any one been on thr trip who took a suitcases? 


Susan S. 

Cannot answer from experience (yet) but would be concerned that if the hard suitcase does not fit then it is taking up a lot of space, where a soft bag can be folded flat.

Also, dimensions of locker are not generous and you would need to be careful to measure your case including wheels, handles, etc.  I hope that I am not stating the obvious, but you would not want to find it only fitted if you break off the wheels!

i did this trip in Januar. You will need a soft bag as the bags are squeezed into the back of the jeep.  I have one with wheel. Some just had big rucksacks. A hard case may not fit and there is no space in the jeep 

I did this trip several years ago and had the same question. It is really important that you put everything in a soft bag. You will most likely line the box with the bag and emply your belonging on top of it, for easier access. Everything on the truck has a specific place. In the back is a place for the sleeping bags/mats. They have a box for your hiking boots/shoes. You are pretty much going to be living on this truck with a lot of people so space is very limited for your belongings.

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