Lycian activity week

Any one else doing the Lycian activity week in September?

My son and I are booked on this trip; one of us will be more actively participating than the other!

Hi Joanne, good to see i am not going alone. i look forward to meeting you and your son in September.

Hi Ian and Jane (and son!),

I'm also booked on and am glad a conversation has been started! Really looking forward to this trip and to meeting everyone :) are the three of you booked onto the group flight?

Sorry, I meant Joanne - just been chatting to a rep called Jane, so got confused!

Hi Helena, Good to hear from you. Yes i am booked on the group flight. Definately looking forward to the trip, i think it is going to be a busy week, but it should be fun. Ian.


Watch out for the dodgy sites offering the Turkish Visa, it should only cost $20. Follow the link in the trip notes for the correct site.

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone fancied meeting at Gatwick Airport on departure day ? Would be nice to put names to faces before boarding the flight!

You can select your seats on the outbound and return flights, in case you haven't already done so.

Look forward to meeting you soon.


P.S. Thanks for your advice re visa, Ian, very helpful!

Hi Helena, that sounds like a good idea to meet up in the airport. i am travelling down from York that morning and should get to the airport around 9am. Have you already checked in? I need to print of the instructions at work tomorrow and then i can get checked in.

Hi Ian,

I don't believe you can check in yet but you can "manage your booking" via the following website You can do things like select your seats - I'm sitting in row 25F on the outbound flight and 32F for the return. 

That's great you're up for meeting on the day. We can make a plan nearer the time.

Give me a shout if you have any questions.


i have just logged onto Turkish airlines site to book seats, to be met by a message saying thet the return flight from Dalaman to Istanbul has changed slightly ( it is now 10 minutes later), and asking for me to ring their call centre to confirm this change. i have just messaged Exodus to see if we need to do anything else.

Thanks for letting us know, Ian. I presume this change is fine and we don't need to do anything further?

If you're still up for meeting at Gatwick next Saturday, any ideas on where would be a good location?

Hi Helena, i am waiting for a reply from Exodus about the flight change, they are checking to see if there will be enough time in the airport in Istanbul to make the connection. Meeting up in the airport sounds good , i have never been to Gatwick before so anywhere is good for me if you know the airport i am open to suggestions.

Hi Ian, I have now received an email from Exodus confirming the flight change, which is good.

Perhaps near the Turkish Airlines desk would be a good place to meet as we'll be checking in our luggage there? Would you be happy to share your mobile number or email address, as that would make finding each other more straightforward on the day? 

Hi Helena, That sounds like a good idea, my mobile number is 07846771143. i should arrive at the airport at about 9.30 if the train gods are in a good mood. i also now have the email from Exodus about the flight change so i can now try to book my seats. Looking forward to meeting you on saturday along with everyone else.


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