Malaysia Borneo advice

Hi All

I am hoping for some advice. I am going on the Borneo/Malaysia trek in October and the trip notes advise of women needing to be particularly careful with clothing as this is a Muslim country and tight fitting clothing is not considered appropriate, which of course I completely understand and wish to respect. However, for treks to date I have tended to wear running leggings as I find trek trousers just won't fit me - either too tight and uncomfortable or I have to buy such a big size to get over my hips and thighs that they swamp re round the waist. So a couple of questions - 1) would running leggings be just entirely inappropriate or once you are out of the towns/cities and in the forest would it not matter so much? 2) any suggestions on where to get trekking trousers that are comfortable for a curvy frame?



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