Manali To Leh - 7th July 2016

Hi All,

Thought I would start a thread going for the 7th July Departure for the Manali to Leh Bike trip. I only twigged this week that we need to take sleeping bags even though it's 'full service' camping. Anyone know if Manali has shops selling cut price / knock off trekking gear like Kathmandu? Half thinking of buying one out there. 4 seasons bags are not that cheap!!

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Cheers, Ian.

Hi Ian,

I have no idea whether Manali will sell gear - I don't now if I'd like to risk getting that far without a sleeping bag though! Maybe ask someone at Exodus, they probably have more of an idea. I would think that being in the Himalayas camping gear would be a good thing to sell there, but can't be sure.


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