March 14th Tiger Safari

I'm on the March 14th Tiger Safari. Anyone else on line?

Hi.  We (Tom and Monica) will be on the March 14th Tiger Safari as well.  Right now we're trying to complete Visa applications.  We're in California, USA.

Hi Tom and Monica

Great to hear that there other "Yanks" on the trip. I live in Virginia. I'm doing the Snow Leopard trip immediately before the Tiger Safari. It's been a bit of a logistical challenge but if all goes well I'll arrive in Nagpur about 40 minutes before the Tiger Safari group flight. I look forward to meeting you folks there. 


So you'll be getting in somewhere between 1 and 2 a.m.  Have you booked at the Pride Hotel for the remainder of the night?  We will be arriving a three days early, staying at the Pride.  Anytime it's possible I like to build in a couple of recuperation days after long international flights.

Your calculation is right. My flight from Delhi is scheduled to land in Nagpur @ 1:30 AM on March 14th. I do have a reservation at the Pride so there should be a few hours to sleep before the 2 PM departure to Pench. I will have a day and a half in Delhi to relax if the Snow Leopard trip in on schedule, but the 'middle of the night flight' will have my circadian rhythm totally confused. Seeing lots of Tigers will make up for the travel challenges!!

That snow leopard tour sounds very interesting.  What tour company is that with?  Can't wait to find out if you got to see any snow leopards.  Btw, where are you in the U.S.?

The Snow Leopard trip is also an Exodus trip. It's the trip that attracted my interest in India, and then I looked throught the other Exodus trips to find one that could be paired with it and saw the Tiger Safari. It's worked out very well - at least on paper. Time will tell if I can make all the connections to get from Leh, in the far Northwest of India, to New Delhi (change bags, clean up a bit, get one good nights sleep) and catch the late night flight to Nagpur. India will be a new experience for me and I'm not sure how well they keep to their time schedules. There is also the factor of the mountain weather in flying out of Leh. Anyway I'm really looking forward to the photo oportunities. I love photographing animals and landscapes. Both venues are really exciting for to me. I leave next Friday and I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.

I live in Virginia - just West of Washington D.C.

Look forward to seeing you folks in Nagpur! Safe travels to you.

Hi i will be on the trip with my friends Lisa, Allison and Fenella. Coming from UK. Keeping everything crossed for good tover sightings! 
see you all in few weeks!! 

Hi i will be on the trip with my friends Lisa, Allison and Fenella. Coming from UK. Keeping everything crossed for good tiger sightings
see you all in few weeks!! 

Hi Anne,

Rick here. I live in Virginia, USA, about 30 miles West of Washington, DC. Looking forward to enjoying the Tiger Safari with your group. See you in Nagpur in a few weeks.

Safe travels!

Hi everyone,

I'm Amy and I'm coming for this trip from the UK. Very excited, a bit nervous, and trying to get everything sorted on my packing list! Looking forward to meeting you all :)

Hi Anne.  My husband Tom and I will be on the safari and look forward to meeting you and your group.  We are from Southern California.  Can't believe it's only two weeks away!

Hi Amy.  We live in a suburb of Los Angeles, California.  My husband Tom and I have been on two African safaris so far, and if this tour company is anywhere near as good as the one we use in Africa you will have nothing to be nervous about, they will take care of us every step of the way.  Pack lighter than you think you should, and expect to rinse things out whenever we're in one location for two or more days.  Look forward to meeting you in two weeks!  

Hello everyone - wondering if anyone has heard anything about the trip and whether it's still going ahead?

I've been sent this -

Looks like we can't get into India until April :( 

Hi Amy-I spoke to a guy in the office.the team had let before news broke but they are aware and are having a big meeting first thing. If they have to cancel the options are fullrefund or rebook with a 20%discount.  the only small detail we are holding onto is that it takes effect at 12pm from port of departure and we leave at 8-maybe being too optimistic but I'm desperate for this holiday!!!

Thanks Anne - it's such a massive shame. I've been looking forward to this for so long - I'm sure we all have.

I got to speak to someone this evening too and heard the same as you. It sounded very likely we won't be going, but will wait to get it confirmed tomorrow :(

Shall probably rebook onto the same trip next year! Like you been looking forward to this for agrs!! In fact a year!! So what's another year in the grand scheme of things!!! let's see what they say tomorrow. X

They better not cancel because we're already here.  Checked into the Pride Hotel for a few extra days before the big adventure.  Maybe it will just be us and Rick out spotting tigers!  A tour group from another English company came in on the same flight that we did.  Hope you can all make it.

So we've checked in and we are on some of the last planes to India so fingers crossed they let us in we will see you at the pride hotel tomorrow!!! 

So happy that this appears to be going forward! Post when you board your plane if you can. We are disappointed that Exodus hasn't bothered to send word about the situation, knowing that some of us are already here and wondering about being stranded in India!

Hi Monica 

we've arrived at Doha and the flight is in 2 hours. They have stopped us so we are assuming all ok....let's hope Indian immigration are ok! Let's not think about the return yet we have tigers to find!!! 


It's happening and you are going to be here! Oh, this is wonderful!  There are seven tour members here already, although nobody bothered to tell us that until we got a phone call from Exodus an hour ago.  I've spent the last two days worried that we'd flown to India for nothing.  See you tomorrow, and tigers soon. :-)

Hi Guys! 
I was on the tiger trip the date before you. Our group were gutted for you that your trip was curtailed after Pench. I really hope you did get to  see a tiger. I had been waiting over a year for my trip so I know how disappointing this must have been for you. 

Hi Lorna.  Yes, it was a huge disappointment to have our safari cut short after three days.  Fortunately, we did see tigers.  Our Jeep saw seven tigers on the four game drives we were able to take (other Jeeps weren't as lucky as we were).  I sent Exodus an email on April 2nd regarding refunds or credit for the trip, but I haven't heard anything from Exodus in response.  I'm sure some of us would like to go back and do the complete safari.  Personally, it had been my hope that this might become a regular annual or semi-annual experience for us in the future, the same way we go back to Africa for safari every other year.  But that will all depend on how Exodus treats us.  It was kind of you to take a moment to write and express sympathy.  Where are you from, Lorna?

Hi Lorna.  It was kind of you to write and express sympathy for us.  Yes, it was a huge disappointment to have our safari cancelled after only three days.  However, we did get to see tigers.  Our Jeep saw seven of them on the four game drives we managed to do (other Jeeps weren't as lucky as we were).  I'm sure we're not the only ones who would like to return and do the safari properly.  I sent an email to Exodus on April 2nd inquiring about refunds or credit but Exodus has not responded at all.  It was my hope that an Indian safari would become an annual or semi-annual tradition, much the same way that we return to Africa for safari every other year.  But much depends on how Exodus treats us.  I hope this message doesn't duplicate.  I wrote an answer half an hour ago but I don't think it posted.

Where are you from, Lorna?  

Wow! Seven tigers in Pench! Good job! I was in jeep which didn't see any on our first game drive so I was worried I'd never see one! Luckily our luck changed. There is nothing like seeing a tiger in the wild. I am missing my tiger highs! I really hope you get to go again! A couple of our group had returned for their 2nd & 3rd trips! I must say I'd be tempted! I'm back home in Edinburgh, Scotland to reality of being a front line worker. Hope we dont have to wait too long before we can travel again. Take care and stay safe

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