Marrakech and Sahara

Hi - would be good to hear from anybody else going on the Marrakech and the Sahara trip from 11th Oct.

Yep! Looks like it's not fully booked (or even down to Limited Availability) so we may be a smallish group. I'll be getting to Heathrow about 3pm so will look out for the Exodus bags...

Hi I will also be at heathrow 330ish with a big yellow exodus bag, last I heard from the company only 6 people on this trip. Look forward to meeting you both. Cathy


I am off on this trip the following week. Are you using the Exodus bags for your main check-in luggage?

Also, are you going to do the on-line check-in or wait till you get to the airport?

Hi - I will be wandering around Heathrow early afternoon Saturday, also with the yellow Exodus bag (as main check-in bag).
I will be arriving very early so I may hold off and check-in at the airport rather than on-line.
Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi all, I am on this trip (departing the 11th) also should be in Heathrow from around 2ish again with Exodus bag in tow...looking forward to the trip and and meeting everyone...Edel

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