May 13 Walking The Great Wall

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone is travelling with the TCW that leaves May 14?


Hi there Anna
I'm not on your trip unfortunately as am travelling on the 3rd May - what a shame - but am sooo looking forward to the trip. Bit worried about whether I am fit enough though. Have you been doing a lot of training?

Hi Kas, no. Haven't really been training. I work out a lot so hoping I will be okay. I read a review from someone who went on the one and said there were varying ages and everyone did okay. I think we should be okay. I know someone who hiked the Inca trail and that is one I would be afraid off lol

Hi Anna,

I'm on the same trip as you. Can't wait!

Hi does any one have the same flight out as me heathrow CA938 13/05/17

I am travelling from Canada and arriving on the Saturday. Is anyone else arriving early?

I am also coming from North America, although from the US and getting in the day of around 3pm. I signed up for the extension which as of a month ago only had one other person on it.

If this trip is anything like Peru I except the bulk of the tour to show up all on the same flight from London which I believe gets in around 1pm.

Not much longer to wait.

Hi Anna B, Hannah, Sean and Joe C. I'm booked on this also and arriving from New Zealand. Anna, I arrive on the Saturday as well, at 4:10am. I've only picked up my documents today, and discovered the group flight doesn't arrive until the afternoon of Sunday - oops, guess I got confused of the days there. Hopefully we can connect sometime on the Saturday. For Joe, I am booked for the extension as well, pleased to hear I'm not the only one doing that.

Hi Vicki,
Yes, it would be great to connect on Saturday. Are you staying at the hotel organized by Exodus? I think my flight arrives at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday.

That's good to hear that we have people coming from all over the place. Based on the conversation I had when I booked the extension, we have have three or more people which will be nice. Also, I am leaving the Friday after the extension so I have an extra day in Xi'an after.

Not long now... although work seems to disagree.

Sorry Anna, I've studied my times/dates again being worried how I could get the starting day incorrect, to find it was the person explaining it to me wrong. I actually arrive on the Sunday at 4:10am, but have been booked accommodation for the Saturday night so there is a room for when I arrive. (I was explained it was the next day in the afternoon that the group flight arrives, but in reality it is that afternoon). Maybe we can catch up Sunday morning? Guessing everyone is at King Park View Hotel now, which is different from when I first booked? And Joe, that is great news re the number doing the extension. To be different, I'm leaving the night before the extension is due to finish, to connect up with friends elsewhere in Europe. Only about 10 day now, best climb one last hill ...

Hi Vicki, yes. Let's try and meet up on Sunday morning. Maybe I could just leave a message for you at the front desk? Was hoping to have someone to explore with on Saturday if I felt up to after 3 flights from Canada otherwise Sunday would be good.

That's good to hear a few of us will be on the extension. When I booked this trip only one other person had booked onto Xi'an. I'll be off to Pingyao and Chengdu after.

Not long to go now

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