Meet fellow travellers departing on 9 May 2015

Hi everyone,

64 days to go and I'm getting very excited!

This is going to be my 2nd Exodus trip and Galapagos has always been a dream destination.

I just wanted to see who else is going to be in the group so we can share some preparation tips and our excitement of course! :)

Best wishes

I just realised that the 1st post doesn't actually give the details of the trip!

Hi Johnny,

We are two of your fellow travellers! I'm Jen and my other half is Matt. This will be our third Exodus trip - we actually met on our first one!
We're very much looking forward to it. Just making a start on the vaccinations and looking at the kit list. There's nothing like a bit of holiday shopping . . .

Hope there are more on the trip that get in touch!!


Hi Jen and Matt,

Great to meet you here! Funnily enough I met my other half (who is also on our trip) on my first Exodus trip too!

In 2 weeks time we will be in Quito! Are you guys flying indipedantly or you booked the flights with Exodus? We booked our own flights but we think there are the same as the Exodus ones. We are on 7:30am on Sat from Heathrow to Madrid and then on 12:35 from Madrid to Quito flying with Iberia.
Are you guys taking only the exodus bags? We're thinking to take bigger bags and use the some little ones for camping as we are allowed to take only 10kg for that bit of the trip.

Look forward to meeting you properly in 2 weeks.


Hi Johnny,

We're flying with American Airlines via Miami, so I think we arrive a few hours later into Quito than the group flight.

We're taking bigger bags and using the Exodus bags for the camping and possibly for the Napo extension that we've booked after the Galapagos trip.

Very much looking forward to it all - I went on a snorkelling course yesterday and am now very excited. Are you guys taking wetsuits?


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