Mera Peak

Anyone else signed up for this adventure?

Is there anyone out doing Mera ??

Yes, I'm booked to go. There are 7 people now confirmed on the trip.

Hi, Les and Steve
My wife Carol and I are going on the 23rd Sept departure.

Hi All
Are you flying out with Jet Airways on 23rd?
If so how about meeting up for a beer before we board.

Hi All
Yep Jet Airways leaving 20.45.
We will be having a beer first, so good to meet up before we board, especially as beer is no good at altitude.

Any ideas about the bars in T4?
Where shall we meet up?

We will probably get there early to avoid traffic, so will go to Weatherspoons bar before security for a beer then I think the only choice is The Bridge bar airside.
Is our photo site so you can see what we look like !!

Hi, Les,Andy and Carol.hope you don't mind if I tag along I'm getting in to LHR(T5) at 16:30hrs. So see you at the Bridge bar .

I'll head for the Bridge bar .
See you all on 23rd.

Hi Steve,
Of course we don't mind.
May still be in the Wetherspoons pub, before security, the Windsor Castle at that time though.

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