MOC - Cycle Indochina and Angkor


I'm travelling solo on this trip so wondered if anybody else wanted to introduce themselves? I've booked flights separately so I can go from Manchester but I'll be meeting the group at the airport in Bangkok. Can't wait!



We're booked on this trip too, and also going from Manchester - flying KLM then China Airlines. Really looking forward to it. See you at the airport?

Anthony & Ruth

I'm flying Etihad all the way, changing in Abu Dhabi so don't think I'll see you till we're there.

Are you taking the group transfer when you arrive in Bangkok? I'll see you there instead if so!

Can't wait!

I'm travelling solo on this trip too. First Exodus trip and first time in Asia so pretty excited (with slight trepidation of course too!). I'm flying from London so see you guys in Bangkok. Anyone else flying from London?

It will be my first Exodus trip and first time in Asia too Tim - glad it's not just me. See you in Bangkok!

Hi All,
Just to add to your anticipation, I did this trip in February it was absolutely brilliant, so good that now I'm cycling Greece later this month then Central America in Dec/Jan.

Good luck to you all.


I'm travelling from Perth in West Australia and getting to Bangkok on the 19th. Never been to Bangkok so wanted to have a look around. Will see you on the bus on Sunday.
Cheers- mitch

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