Mont Blanc

Hi, anyone else booked on this trip, departing on 15th August? I'm flying from Heathrow!
This will be my first solo holiday so mixed emotions, though an overwhelming feeling of excitement.
Looking forward to the challenge.

Hi Sue, I am also booked for this trip although will not be on the group flight but will pick up your transfer to Chamonix at Geneva airport. I am waiting to hear if two friends have secured the last two places on the trip, so May or may not be travelling alone, but have done so many times in the past and it's always been absolutely fine. I did a walking holiday in Spain at the end of last year (solo traveller) and many of my fellow walkers had done this trip and said how good it was. Am very much looking forward to it - see you in Geneva in August! Catherine

Hi Catherine and Sue! Three of us from Canada are on the tour departing August 15th. Similar to Catherine, we will be meeting the group at the Geneva airport, for transfer to Chamonix. See you in few weeks!

Hi Catherine and Ashley
Thanks for the response, look forward to meeting you and your friends at Geneva. Not long to go now!

Hope everyone is fit and well!

Speaking of which, how much training has anyone put into this? Feel confident about walking that distance but unsure of these ascents, have tried my best living here in Devon.
How is everyone else's feeling about it?


Hi Sue, Unfortunately I have not been able to devote myself to the training I originally intended... I am going to the gym a couple of times a week and trying to get out for walks on the weekends. I live in Belgium and access to any serious hills is somewhat limited so I am trying to push myself to walk fast. But I wouldn't worry, I think you will find that there will be a real mix of abilities and usually the leaders assess people's speed and adapt the pace accordingly. The main thing is that the fitter you are the more you enjoy it - I wish my fitness levels were better, but they are what they are :-) Catherine

Thanks for the reassurance Catherine, I'm sure your right, just don't want to let anyone down!
Anyway starting to get excited, just over 4 weeks to go.

Hi Everyone, I saw this post and thought I would say hi. My name is charlotte and i am also going on this trip. I hope everyone is ready and excited? How is everyone feeling?

Hi Charlotte, yes getting very excited 3 weeks tomorrow and I make my way to London, as I am staying in a hotel the night before. How about you, are you flying from Heathrow?

I know it is very exciting indeed... Have you go everything you need for the trip? I will probably stay in a hotel the night before as well. Yes I am flying from heath row, where are you from?

I'm coming from Devon. Getting the coach to Heathrow.
Not sure I have everything I need, difficult to tell, how about you?
Two weeks to go!

I think I'm the last person to book on this trip. Probably the last to train for it too! I'll be flying from Heathrow so hope to catch up with you all there.

Hi Ollie
Not long to go! See you at Heathrow hopefully.

Yes, I agree I am not sure I have packed enough.. are you just taking one bag or a back and a day sack ?

just thought I say Hi and introduce myself. My husband, Chris, and I are booked on this trip we're flying from Heathrow. See you Sue and Ollie in the departure lounge - look out for a couple wearing walking boots cos they are too heavy to pack!!

just realised I never said who I was - Hi I'm Michelle

I think there will be plenty of shopping opportunities in Chamonix if you've missed anything. A day sack is probably essential on this trip. Mine's just big enough for my stuff!

Hi to all
I'll probably be wearing my boots to, can't see me being able to pack them!
Hopefully going to be able to back most things into a kit bag, but the sleeping mat I am going to have to secure to the top as its too wide! Carrying day sack as hand luggage.
Tips anyone, anything we might have forgotten?

Hi Sue/All. Good luck with the boots - I'm having the same thoughts! Do we need sleeping mats?

Yes Ollie, they do have it on the kit list, but also say you can buy one in chamonix!

Hi Sue - Mystery solved I think. I guess you are on the 2 week camping trek which also departs on 15th? I'm on the 1 week highlights version.

Hi, everybody.
I'm Jeff, travelling from Derby by train with overnight at Ibis Heathrow ready for Sun. flight to Geneva. I always wear my Boots on flights, helps luggage weight n bulk plus other kit can be replaced if lost but treking wearing new boots is a no no.Hey don't worry too much about fitness from experience you will walk yourself in, during the first 2 or 3 days,provided you have a good endurance base.We can work as a team n help each other though.We up for exellent veiws and chances to spot widlife etc. 4 days to go I must do some packing.

Oh Sorry Ollie, I haven't made it clear which tour I'm on sorry, enjoy the highlights!
Hi Jeff, sorry but we depart the day before you on Saturday 15th, but thank you for the info and reassurance about fitness, hope you have a great time.

Is anybody else staying the hotel ibid tonight, we could meet up for a drink?

What a lovely thought, no sorry in Mercure, arrived late. See you at the departure gate hopefully.

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