Mont Blanc Camping Trek 22nd Aug

Hi, thought I'd start a forum topic for the Mont Blanc Camping Trek departing on the 22nd of August as it doesn't look like there is one up as yet.

This will be my first trip with Exodus and I'll be travelling solo so thought it'd be a good idea to try and get in contact with some other going on this trip beforehand, maybe talk about training ideas and what to take etc.




Thanks for starting the forum for our trip. Travelling solo from Canada arriving in Geneva Aug 21. Really looking forward to it but a bit nervous as to how difficult it will be. Have been trying to increase my days of hiking and doing other things like running in between. Any tips appreciated!

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


I'm going on this trip too. Really looking forward to spending 2 weeks in the mountains - looks like a beautiful place. Hope the weather's kind to us.
Mary T


Thank you both for replying, I asked the site to notify me but it doesn't seem to be working so I've only just seen the posts.

Yeah really looking forward to it. I don't have much in the the way of big hills near by so I've just been concentrating on getting as much walking in as I can really. I play quite a bit of badminton as well but not sure how much that'll help endurance really.

How did you guys come across Exodus? Have either of you travelled with them before?


Hi Carl,
Yes, I've travelled on a few other Exodus trips before and they've all been good. Never spent a full 2 weeks camping though so that should be interesting! Usually have a night at the end in a nice hotel to feel human again for the plane home, but not this time...
I do a fair bit of hill walking normally but any kind of walking/general fitness is good. I find it just makes it more enjoyable if you don't feel like you're struggling to keep up with a group. And there'll be plenty of breaks along the way for photos and snacks.
Are you on the group flight to Geneva?
Mary T

Hi Mary

Yes I should be on the group flight, I don't think the flights booked yet though so I guess if it's full they might have to make other arrangements.

I do get down to my parents in Devon and get out onto dartmoor fairly often and try and get up to the lakes each year but it's quite a way. I'm thinking of trying to get a trip up to the lakes before we go to get something a little more challenging in. Where abouts do you like to walk, are you lucky enough to have something on the doorstep?

Hi Mary and Carl,

I have not travelled with Exodus before. Mainly have travelled with G Adventures in the past but I liked the look of this itinerary better and it is more spread out.

I don't have any hills near my house but trying to get out and get some distance in as hopefully this will help!

They have sent me the times of the group flights as I have to meet the flight in Geneva. I wonder if these are confirmed times? Will have to contact them closer to the time. Have either of you been to Geneva? If so, any tips on what to see during my one extra day there? Might be quite jetlagged but hoping to get out a bit.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you both.


Hi Carl & Fairleigh,
I'm on a flight from Dublin that should get in about an hour before the group so I've just to wait at the airport on the transfer. Never been to Geneva before so unfortunately I can't offer any tips on what to do there.
I'm from Northern Ireland so nowhere is too far away. The Mournes are where I do most walking but hoping to get down to the Wicklow Mountains next week if the weather's good.
Less than 2 months to go now. Can't wait :)
Mary T

Hi all,

I'm also booked on this trip, solo and first time with Exodus too. Will be travelling over by train (hate flying!) hopefully just in time to meet the group transfer at Geneva airport - think my train is due in with about 5 minutes to spare!

Most of my walking has been on the south west coast path (been working my way round it on and off for the last couple of years), but I'm going up to the Lakes for a few days next week to get a bit more hill training in!

Looking forward to meeting you all :)


Hi everyone :)

I have just booked this trip ! Solo and first time with exodus aswell, coming from Sydney. How do I find out details about the time everyone is meeting at Geneva airport?

Looking forward to meeting everyone !


Hi Lisa

I had an email from exodus the other day saying they'll send out joining instructions with the flight details about 2-3 weeks before departure so they might not have pinned down exact times yet. You could try emailing [email protected] to see if they can give you the details earlier.

Have a great day


Hi Everyone
Hope you don't mind me gate crashing! I am actually booked on the tour beginning 15/08, as I work in a school the 22nd was too late. I have started a forum, but isn't as active as yours, as yet!
I also am concerned about my level of fitness and have been covering as many walking miles as possible but it is the ascents which are most concerning. I live in East Devon and wish I had been able to get to the Lake District, but couldn't convince anyone to come along.
Still I must say I am looking forward to the challenge and my first solo holiday.

Hi Sue

Sure no problem. Yeah I'm not sure I'll get to go to the lakes after all now, difficult to get the time off now, I'll get down to my parents near Dartmoor for a couple of weekends instead. I've also been doing some 8-12 mile routes at the weekends with a local walking group in hampshire. My GPS track said we had done about 4000 ft of ascent yesterday but none of it was that steep really, it was just spread out over the distance.

On a side note, has anyone worked out how many Euro's to take on the trip?


Hi Carl

Budgeting is not my strength haha anyone else worked out a budget?

Also is anyone arriving on the 21st so would have all day 22nd free before everyone gets together ?

I wanted to see if anyone wanted to join me doing the ice cave/train ride it looks amazing!

Either that or this

From what I can find it seems both are about 30 euro. Let me know if anyone is keen :) And if anyone is staying at the Richemond Hotel the night before?


Hello again,
The countdown is going in quickly now - only 4 weeks left. As far as budgeting goes, I'll probably take around 300euro. Hoping that covers the lunches/dinner not included and drinks/ice creams along the way as well as anything to do on the free days, and tips. I'm sure there will be an ATM somewhere if we run out.
That 'step into the void' thing looks amazing Lisa. I won't be there on the 21st but might try to get to it on the free day at the end.
See you all soon,
Mary T

Hi Lisa
Sorry, haven't been on for a few days. Yes the Ice cave looks really good, I don't get there until the 22nd though so will have to skip it I'm afraid.

Hi Mary. Yep 4 weeks to go, still time for a few more training walks :) I did decide on 300 in the end so hopefully that'll cover things but as you say there should be ATM's if not.

Have a good week

Hi everyone, my wife Karen and me are also booked on this and sort of looking forwards to it. We've spent a lot of time in the Brecons recently and all I can say is ow! so who knows how the main event will go but we are both all set to roll and look forwards to meeting you all!

Hi All. Just wondering what type of bag everyone is using? I do not have an exodus kit bag. Having difficulty fitting my sleeping bag and mat in!

I'm using a kit bag I've had a while, something like this:

My ones a few years old and might be a little bigger that the one in the link. Between that and my rucksack I think I should be able to get everything in.

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