Moscow to St Petersburg, 14th September departure

Hello fellow travellers! 

I am very much looking forward to this adventure - my first visit to Russia!

Feel free to get in touch before departure..... Andrea

I'm on this trip and starting to get very excited for my first trip to Russia in September, especially as my visa arrived last week. Not sure whether to buy currency before we go - any ideas?

Lovely to hear from a fellow traveller!  Yes, trip is coming up quickly now...less than a month to departure and my attempts to learn Russian have not been successful!

I have ordered some Rubles and will then just withdraw as needs be as we go along.



I am on the same trip 😀.  Really getting excited now, weather still looks nice in Moscow cannot wait.  Whoever is learning Russian well done.

Hello Fiona, I took a Russian Level 1 course but it didn't really stick I'm afraid...I do like to be able to get by at least, so I've got a week to memorize key phrases!

Hi Ladies, only a week to go now, my excitement levels are growing (and a bit of nervousness). Good on you if you've managed to learn some russian phrases, I'm hoping our guide will be able to teach us some. Have either of you booked any trips while we're away, I was told I must do a night river cruise but haven't made any arrangements. Are you both flying from Heathrow on Saturday morning?

It feels so surreal that departure is next Saturday...I booked it so long ago!  I am flying to Heathrow on Friday evening and staying at a Terminal 5 hotel so I can join the group flight in the morning.

I haven't made any plans for free time as yet. I am staying an additional night in St P and had planned to do a river cruise so an evening one sounds like a lovely option.


I've asked my sister in law for some details about the cruise, she said it's a 'must do' but would tell me why as she didn't want to spoil it! 

Very exciting looking at almost packed bag .... juggling clothes for a couple of seasons as never sure in September.  I am also staying an extra night in St. Pets. The night cruise sounds a good option.  

Enroute to London...for a v brief overnight. I'll be sitting in 31F on the London to Moscow flight so do come and say hello!

Glad to hear you're on your way, I certainly pop along to say hello. Struggling with what to pack or more to the point what not to pack - weather doesn't look great. Are you taking any going out clorthes?

Weather looks colder than I was expecting.  Taking

couple of things to go out in but all making the bag

heavier.  See you tomorrow

I understand there was a recent attack to break the beat-en track to St Petersburg - caried out by forces loyal to Lady Waks. Seems disturbing?

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