MOV - Cycling Vietnam 22 April to 5 May

Hi everyone...looking forward to meeting fellow travelers on this trip.  My 2nd Exodus adventure..Those who have cycled with exodus before please send tips as my first trip was Hiking in Mont Blanc.

Hi i'm doing the same holiday Cycle Vietnam but mine starts on 14th April. Very excited about the trip but have slight concerns about coping with cycling in the heat at the beginning of the trip in the South. I think the temp will decrease as we head North

Hi, I am doing the Vietnam trip (ending 5 May). I've done a couple of other cycling tours in SE Asia with Exodus. The advice in the trip notes is generally pretty good.

The trips I have done in SE Asia (Sri Lanka, Indochina) were extremely hot during the day and I found keeping hydrated very important. I am not sure what bottle cages the cycles have fitted (probably just one), but I am bringing along 2 with bottles. Also rather than a bum bag/ruck sac I am bringing along a small bag that straps on the frame/handlebars to carry phone/wallet/sun cream - anything else you can leave in the van.

The Indochina trip I did a few years ago overlaps slightly with this one but I found Vietnam absolutely fascinating so am looking forward to going back.

looking forward to meeting everyone on this trip..and thanks for the tips on hydration and handlebar bag!.

Thanks very much for the useful tips, I will get a small bag to attach to my bike, great idea. Enjoy your holidays

Hi everyone - I'm on this trip with my buddy Helena Stage and looking forward to my first Exodus adventure.  We've done cycling trips recently in Spain and Croatia, but a little nervous about the humidity in south Vietnam.  We likely will skip the first day ride to ChuChi Tunnels in favor of sightseeing in Saigon.  Is everyone else riding out there?  

Looking forward to meeting you and Helena. I had a cycling trip in Catalonya a few years ago but have never cycled in the heat and humidity we are expecting. I would like to ride to ChuChi Tunnels but will take it day by day when we arrive and see what I can do.

Not long to go now :)

Hi All,

There is plenty to see in Saigon so I wouldn't blame anybody skipping the cycling to ChuChi. I've been to both before (Indochina cycling trip) but will do the cycling as it is useful acclimitisation. ChuChi is interesting, but if that day didn't involve cycling I wouldn't bother going.

Regarding the heat and humidity, personally I find the heat/humidity less oppressive when cycling because you generate a breeze when moving. If you can cycle the distances in the itinery in a temperate climate you should be ok.

One further point, I've noticed that ladies cycles are smaller and will likely fit only a single bottle cage, apologies for the earlier advice.



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