hi we are the Wilsons going to Vietnam on 24th March.  

Hi I am Jane and will be travelling with my husband Ian for this great adventure.  We are doing this for our 25 wedding anniversary and are really looking forward to it and traing really hard.

My partner, Kat, and I am are also booked on this trip. We are from Wellington NZ so trying to make the most of the summer weather to get some training in the heat. 

Hello to you both, you two are really lucky we are training in -3 to 10 degrees so will find a difference there. Have you done a trip like this before as this is my first time but Ian had done several so i am really worried I will be the slow one in the group.

No we haven't done a trip like this before, we are reasonablly fit and mostly just doing some longer cycles on the weekends to get used to being on the bike for long hours. We wont be quick though, we want to make sure we take time to enjoy the scenery!

Hi Mel, glad you will both be taking it easy we were hoping to do this to.  We are really looking forward the the whole trip and are looking forward to making  new friends and having lots of fun.

Hi Kat, Mel, Jane, Ian (congrats on the wedding anniversary!)

Cerian here! I'm a last minute addition to the group, travelling by myself. Have wanted to go to Vietnam for years and just bit the bullet after Christmas to sign up. Like you guys, I guess my fitness (if not cycle fitness) isn't too bad but this is a holiday so absolutely no speeding past all that wonderful countryside. Would love to say I have done lots of cycle training, regretfully not enough, so am fully anticipating a some saddle sore for the first few days!!

I'm originally from the Isle of Man, but currently living in Henley on Thames so will be flying in from London. 

I'm still catching up on all the pre-joining briefing, but does anyone know what sort of bikes (road, hybrid, mountain style) are used on this trip?

Hi Cerina good to hear from you. we are also travelling from london so may be meet up in airport, are you on facebook?  we have struggled the last few weeks with training due to weather, work and family.  we avve done a couple of long days so i know i can do it (at my pace). so excited to meet eveyone.  We are already trying to plan our free time so don't feel you have to be on your own, join us.

well it sounds you've been doing far more cycling than me..And thankyou so much for your kindness! I look forward to meeting you all, and yes, I'm on FB....I think I'm the only Cerian Mellor! my pic is a long-haired version of myself upon the cliffs of the isle of man.

I've just bought myself a new helmet this week as I spotted a closing down sale *bright yellow is 'in', right!? :-) (well I figure being seen on the little country roads where I am, is better than a fashion statement!) and some new gloves.....all I need to do now is find out what sort of bikes Exodus use to know if I bring my somewhat decrepit saddle! Wishing right now, that I was a little more organised and a little less busy on the run up to D Day! 

Maybe I'll get better organised this weekend.....

a nice chap called Steve at Exodus tells me the bikes are GIANT Rincon Disc 2016 XXL incase anyone else wants to know!


Hi Cerian both ian and myself are taking our saddles my worry is i am taking to many clothes lol.  I had a new helmet for my birthday but wont be competing with yours as it is grey and green, i wanted pink but ian put a stop to that.  we hope to get out this weekend if the weather holds up and then down to the packing as ian is generally away all week and we are off to heathrow on friday night to stay in a hotel.  We will look out for you in departures (we shall be in the bar). we can book seats i think 48 hours prior so i will try and let you know where abouts we will be sitting on the plane.

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