MWK - Cycling in Sardinia

My wife and I are on the above trip starting 16-Sept. Can anyone give us advice on what / what not to buy from experience?


My Wife & I are on the trip beginning 16-Sept. Any advice or tips gladly received.

Hi Gary, this is my third cycling trip with Exodus and to be honest you don't need much.  I probably could have got my stuff in carry on but now I've picked a bigger suitcase I know I'll fill it.  Lol.

There are 7 of us going, some are taking cycling tops, pedals, gel seats, some aren't. Cycling tops are handy with pocket but certainly not essential, padded shorts are a must for me anyway. 

Also just casual stuff for when not cycling and the evenings.  nothing dressy. 

I dont bother with gels or anything as I've always found theres plenty to eat are cycling. 


Hope this helps.  Look forward to meeting you 

Hi Gary

My wife Sandra and I are on this trip, along with two other friends.

Padded shorts, cycling tops with pocket(s).
Please make sure you wear footware that covers your toes, will explain when I see you.

Any questions, please ask away, lost count on how many trips I've done now, so hopefully I will be able to help.

Are you flying out on the group flight?

Maybe meet up at Stansted?


Ian, with Sandra plus Gordon and Nick our friends

Excited! See you all there. 

Lynne, Lynne, Val, Wendy, Lance, Kate, John

Gives us chance to start remembering names early. 

See you at cagliari airport.


Thanks to all with the tips. We are flying from Stansted so perhaps see some of you there. Best wishes, Gary

hi just wanted to connect wit other cyclists


hi just wanted to connect wit other cyclists


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