MWU - Alpine Cols

Is anyone on this trip - Alpine Cols Sept 2015 - and needing to get from Heathrow to gatwick upon return?

Probably not. Looking at taxi each way, but where are you travelling from?

Hi MC,
I've decided to fly back to Gatwick to make it easier. A later flight from Lyon but makes it easier. I am travelling from Dorset so will leave my car at Gatwick. Are you taking a bike or hiring one?

I'm taking my bike. I figured I'd be better on something familiar than a strange one. You?
I didn't know flying back to Gatwick from Lyon was an option, it might have been easier for me, as I'm closer to Gatwick than Heathrow

I believe there are 9 of us. Are you a lone traveller, or travelling in a group? You taking your bike or hiring?

Hi MC,
I'm also taking my bike that's why I wanted to fly back to Gatwick where my car will be parked. It means I have to hang about in Lyon waiting for my flight but easier than Heathrow to Gatwick transfer I thought.

I'm travelling by myself - are you in a group or by a lone traveller.


Hi Nick
I'm a lone traveller too. Never done anything remotely like this before either!

Hi MC,
Well that's at least 2 of us as lone travellers then - which is good. Just a couple of weeks left to get fit for this and its raining so I can't get out on the bike at the moment.

I have ridden in a bit in the Pyrenees and stuff last year. This is my first multi-day ride. See how I get on...

Hi Nick.
You're ahead of me then, most I've done is a volcano in Canaries, and it wasn't the one in Tenerife.
I'll just plod up them though.
Do you have a 28 or 32 on your rear cassette?

Hi MC,
28 on the rear. 50/34 on the front - and what do you have? I'm not exactly the quickest but a steady (slow) pace usually gets me there eventually.

Hi Nick.
I have the same set up. I saw some guys comment about wishing he had a 32, but I'll just suffer I think. I'm no Chris Froome either, but I'll get there!

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