Northern India AIC

Hi i'm Jan,
I have booked on to the Northern India trip in March '16 and it would be great to hear from anyone who is travelling on this holiday, as this for me will be a massive trip!!

Any hints tips would be a great help!


Hi Jan
Is this the North India Explored tour commencing 20/3/16 as I am booked on this tour.

Hi Jan
Just looked up the tour codes, unfortunately they don't match as I'm on AIJ.
Have a great holiday anyway.

Hi Jan,
I'm Aleks, I'm booked on the North India trip departing 26th March 2016 - it is the AIC code tour - is this the trip you are booked on?
I would also like to get in touch with anyone travelling on this holiday - I am a first timer!!


I'm travelling on the 27 March trip with my daughter Jess. first time in India but second time with Exodus. If it is anything like the Jordan trip we did it should be great fun! We'll be arriving on a BA flight at Delhi earlier than the group flight so will meet up with the group then. Look forward to meeting everyone.



Hi Jan
Is it Highlights of Northern India AIC 18th March you are booked on ?

I'm doing the Highlights of Northern India AIC departing from Dehli on the 25th of March? Anyone on that trip?

Hi Morgan,
I am on the same tour as you and your daughter Jess, departing Dehli on 27th March. This is my first trip with Exodus and the first time travelling solo. Really looking forward to it! I am flying in to Dehli a day earlier and then being picked up from my hotel in Dehli to join the group.
Look forward to meeting you both.

Hi Nicci
I think I might be on your trip departing London 24 March, arriving/departing Delhi 25 March. Jan, not sure which trip you are on?
I've been on a couple of Exodus trips to Europe in the past that have been great but this will be my first visit to India.

Its my first trip to India too! I'm very excited I'm going to Nepal first... are you travelling on your own Jane?

Hi Jane
I am also on your trip. Tell us a little about yourself. About me: I am from Australia and although I am older I am up for a good time.

I am on this trip. Have you been watching 'The Real Marigold Hotel' ? It's really got me in the mood.
Just bought a Sheewee Jan. Google it!
Look forward to meeting you all.

Hello everyone
Apologies, I did as the system to send me a message when someone else posted, but I didn't receive anything!

I am travelling on my own. In my experience these trips are pretty diverse with respect to who comes on them, which I find great - you get to mix with lots of different people.
And agree with the Sheewee - I will be packing mine :)
The Real Exotic Marigold Hotel was great! Gave us a real sneak preview of what we would be seeing/can expect.

Hello Aleks and Morgan - I am on the same trip as you. I arrive on the group flight on Sunday 27th. It's my first time in India and first time with Exodus and I am travelling solo. Really looking forward to it!


WOW! hello! Yes I'm travelling on the 17th March 2016, I will be travelling on the BA Flight to Delhi, so "hello Helen"

Yes Wanda I also watched that series - fab a real eye opener to what we may experience there, toilet roll at the ready lol.

Can't wait now! looks like I'm going to hear and meet some fab people!


Hi Claire,
Good to hear from you. I too watched the Real Marigold Hotel, it has made me very excited about the trip! I have a half packed case and I keep adding things in...I am sure that as usual I am taking far too much.....can't do without my mini straighteners though!! Really looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the group. I am travelling from near manchester - Where are you from Claire?
Aleks x

Hi Jan and Wanda !

2 weeks today and we'll be on our way ! I'm arriving in Delhi a day early ( 17th ) and staying at the Taj Princess. Apparently someone else is doing the same, is that one of you ?
I was there last September, mainly in the Himalayas, but really excited to be going back and seeing some sights. Travelling light with a rucksack, well that's the plan anyway. I'm flying from Manchester on 16th, Arrive early morning on 17th. Really looking forward to meeting you both :-) Helen

Hi Helen
OMG a rucksack i'm taking my suitcase I haven't got a clue what to take and what not to.. lol Never been to India before so I'm really excited but nervous - didn't know you could do that - I'm just hoping allmy flights are on time!! I will be arriving in Delhi on the 18th March at 08.55 India time. See you soon!

Replied on the other thread to Kerry but just to say , don't take too much! I took too much last time - I always end up wearing and washing my fave clothes and you can always pick up some cheap shirts and trousers there - definitely some stuff that covers up your arms and legs, and a scarf/shawl - though leave room to buy one or two to bring back.

I 'm interested in the sheewee thing -I've never used one and not sure how practical that would be in India. You def need to be able to squat properly ( feet flat , not on tip toes on a moving train !! ) and take a light scarf or buff to wind around your nose in smelly loos - of which there will be many - so you can breathe through your mouth
There are usually western loos and squat loos - found the squat ones usually cleaner on the trains, though it's all relative !

I also took probiotics a few days before setting off and while I was there last time , and didn't get any stomach problems with usual precautions ( hand gel , bottled water , no ice, and only cooked food on the move). And keep really well hydrated , even if it means more trips to the loo !
Helen x

Hi Nicci and Jane,

I'm Anna, I'm also leaving London on March 24th to start the tour on the 25th. I'm travelling with my dad, John and it's the first time in India for us both. Starting to get excited now it's getting close!
Look forward to meeting you both,

I never got alerts for the thread either but I'm getting a little excited and nervous now as it comes closer...... I'm looking forward to meeting you Anna John and Jane this is going to be an amazing trip!

I never got alerts for the thread either but I'm getting a little excited and nervous now as it comes closer...... I'm looking forward to meeting you Anna John and Jane this is going to be an amazing trip!

Hi Nicci, Anna and John
Anna, I think its great you are travelling with your Dad! I *might* see you at the airport - I'll have my red Exodus luggage tag on my hand luggage. Nicci - I'm also excited but a bit nervous. Keep thinking I'll forget something!

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