Other people on trip TNL 12 October 2014

Hi anyone going on the same trip as me TNL Langtang & Gosainkund 12 Oct 2014? drop me a line & have a chat. Thanks Dave Q.

Hi Dave. My wife Elki and have booked to go. Can't wait. Are you in UK?


Hi Ged & Elki. nice to make contact with you, yes I am in UK, my home town is Bolton, Nr Manchester , Lancashire. Where are you? Have you been away with Exodus before? I am on my 5th, trip with them & always had a good time with the fellow travelers & the sights. Looking forward to getting to know you before we meet. Dave Q.

Hi Ged and Elki, I am awaiting your reply but I think due to the security issues with the internet etc, it takes some time for our messages to be "passed " before being submitted as a reply, thats all well and good but just a bit frustrating . I have been to the north of Spain, the Pirenees,The Mont Blanc area , and The High Atls Range in Morroco. I am looking forward to visiting Nepal and especialy Kathmandu. I am starting my trip from Manchester a day sooner so I can spend a day in Abu Dhabi with frends and will arive in Kathmandu a bit later, (about 3 hrs) than the London groupe but will meet up with you all at the hotel. Hope to get a reply within due time from you both and may be some other people on our trip. I realy like that we can comunicate prior to our trip as last year it was as if we had made friends before actualy meeting up and made the initial meeting like a reunion of friends. I do hope other travelers will join in and get to know one another. All the best to you and fellow travelers, Dave Q.

Hi Dave. Our second trip with Exodus. Our first was EBC which we both enjoyed very much. We are in Snowdonia, so let us know if you ever come this way.


Hi Ged and Elki, I hope you are well, I whish Id have known you were in the Snodonia area last week as my wife and I have just returned from a long weekend in Snodonia, a caravan site just neer the Air Museum Nr Carnarfon. Never mind , may be next time we can meet up. Not many others been on this part of the Exodus site yet. You say you were on a trip EBC, Iv had a look and that code is not listed! Regards Dave Q.

Hi Dave, please excuse delay, been busy having fun. Shame you didn't know we were close by when you were in Snowdonia recently. Probably easier if I give you my email:
[email protected]. The EBC trip was actually Everest Base Camp trip code TNT. Is your wife going on the Langtang trip too?

Hi Ged, So you are an old hand when in Nepal! Re the question of is my wife going along too, no. Lynn likes walking but not on the scale that we are going on, walks round the Lakes are fine for her, every
one to there own. I think she enjoys it while Im away for a while. Got a note of your email, thanks, will send you a line soon.Dave Q.

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