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PERU - Inca Trail/Amazon

Booked on the above trip leaving London on 9th June. Very excited! Anyone booked?

Two of us booked. Leaving London on the direct flight from Gatwick on the 9th.

Two of us on the same flight as you I think

Hi fellow travelers Maggie & Steve so far :)
I am also booked on this trip and getting really excited. However I'm leaving from LHR...

Hi I have booked, travelling to Lima on 9 June onto Cusco 11 June. Really looking forward to it and ticking another bucket list holiday

Flying from Toronto.Arriving in Cuzco on morning of Tuesday the 12th.I am Canadian.My buddy is American-Detroit.Looking forward to the adventure and meeting each of you.

Has anyone got good details about the temperatures about noon and at night while we are on the trail?Trying to finalize clothes.Thanks Tom

Hi everyone. Flying from Birmingham UK and will meet up with you all in Cusco. Looking forward to awesome sights and meeting you all.

Hi - I'm sticking my nose in a bit here as I'm not going on this trip, but we went to Peru and Bolivia (with a different organiser) last year, in June, and did the Quarry Trail trek. It is fabulous, quite tough in places (I loved it and was lucky with only a minor headache but some people were a bit pole-axed with the altitude to begin with). The weather was gorgeous - clear blue skies and sunny but it is high so in the morning and evening it is pretty cold. I would suggest layers (obvious but easily overlooked) e.g. what I tended to wear at night was a thermal top, a fleece, a shell jacket and a windproof/Goretex type jacket, and gloves. You won't need all of this while actually walking but it does get pretty nippy at night. You'll find you want to wear wincyette pyjamas, socks and a hat in your sleeping bag! I also have a lightweight Pertex smock which I've had for years and for me is invaluable as a windbreak over thermal top and fleece. Easy to get on and off whole on the go.

Don't underestimate how high and cold it is - we had ice in the tent one morning. But it is superb and we saw one other group, once, on the Quarry trail - it's virtually your own mountain. FYI, I guess you'll be at altitude for almost the whole trip so you will probably wear warmish clothing throughout - layers are the way to go.

First time on these discussion boards and I I posted a long reply about temperatures but can't see it anywhere.

Forgive me if this appears twice (and for the length of the post, and if I'm sticking my nose in as I'm not on your trip), but my original reply is nowhere to be seen. We did the Quarry Trail trek in June last year with another outfit and it was fabulous. We saw one other group, once, so it feels like you have the mountain to yourself. Some people were pole-axed by the altitude, especially to begin with, but I was lucky and only had a niggling headache. The trek is quite tough in places, and there are some long days, but it is wonderful. The altitude does mean that it is pretty chilly in the morning and at night so this is what I wore (NB layers are the key - when you're walking you will obviously be quite warm but you need to be able to put layers on/take 'em off according to comfort, lunch breaks etc.) - thermal top, fleece, shell jacket, rain/Goretex type jacket, gloves and broad brimmed hat (personally I only wear these in extremis but at altitude with clear blue skies and strong sun they are essential and I abandoned vanity for common sense). This may sound like a lot of clothing but you'll need it early in the morning and when the sun goes down. We had ice in the tent one morning ... so winceyette pyjamas, socks and woolly hat are de rigueur in the sleeping bag. If you're at altitude for much of the trip (we were) you will need some or all of this clothing the whole time. I bought a cheap shell jacket thinking it wasn't really necessary and it was a life saver - my more intelligent half took a down jacket and she never took it off (think she slept in it the whole trip!). Oh, and take a head torch. And wet wipes. Seriously. And sunglasses. Oh, and my favourite piece of clothing is a Pertex windproof smock that I've had for years - it takes up no room and goes on and off in seconds. Brilliant

Hope you have a great trip - I want to do Salkantay next ....

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