Pik Lenin - August 2018

After a superb trek to Nanda Devi with the wonderful Valerie Parkinson, the first thing I saw in the Exodus trekking brochure that was on my doorstep when I returned to the UK was an amazing trip to a 7000 meter mountain in the Pamirs of Kyrgyzstan to be led by the self same person in August 2018!!

I applied straightaway and began my fitness campaign today.

I live in Leicestershire and would be glad to chat to anyone else hoping to join this trip.

I booked this trip after completing the Concordia/K2 base camp trip last year with the wonderful Sarah and a group of 16 other great trekkers. I too was swayed by Valerie Parkinson's personal involvement whom I met (but have not trekked with) prior to Everest base camp in 2015. I had no problems with either Everest or K2 base camps and got my ice legs back in to play in the Alps last year culminating in Mont Blanc summit which was MUCH more challenging. I confess to being a bit daunted by this challenge and wondered what everyone else's experience and expectations are. What training regimes do you have? Besides general nutrition and fitness training I am repeating (and intending to exceed) my own special madness; as I don't live in the mountains but I do live in a 12 storey apartment block I walk up and down the stairwell...repeatedly...with boots and pack. Last years twice-weekly binge was 20 times in 2 hours in my Mont Blanc Pros with 10kg pack. 3820 steps up, 3820 steps down. It would be great to hear from anyone (everyone)

Hi Malc & Paul, I am thinking of doing this trip next year, could you let me know how the trip was please.



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