Rift Valley Explorer

Hi all,

We're very excited about our upcoming trip the Rift Valley Explorer, departing 27 Aug 2016. It would be great to hear from any fellow travelers joining this trip.
We're travelling in from Northern England and Australia and can't wait to see all the wildlife.
We also have a question to throw into the ring - have you organised Visa's upfront or are you getting them on arrival? As far as we understand you cannot get a multiple entry visa for Kenya online, so we're planning to get them on arrival. Anyone with any previous experience or advice?

See you on safari,
Leanne & company.

Hi Leanne
My partner and I are also looking forward to the trip. We will get our Tanzanian visa on arrival at the border. As we live in London, we went to the Kenyan High Commission to sort our visas. I was able to get a multi entry visa (UK passports only), but my partner could only get a single entry visa (Irish passport). He explained that he needed to re enter Kenya, but they wouldn't issue a second single entry visa.
Visas can be obtained by post, check the High Commission website for details. If you do go down the postal route make sure you include a copy of your passport details page.
See you on safari, Irene

Thanks Irene,
I'm relieved to hear we're not the only ones having a few issues with obtaining Visa's. We're also going to get our Tanzanian visa on arrival at the border it's just the Kenyan one that's causing issues. As we understand from the Australian and Dutch embassy websites a single entry visa should allow re-entry into Kenya from Tanzania, but that's a theory we'll be testing along with your partner. See you on safari!

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