Highlights of Madagascar

Hi, is anyone out there going on the Highlights of Madagascar departing on 6th October.

Has anyone any tips or advice for Madagascar please.

Hi Ron - went there a few years ago, and it was fascinating. However, be very careful what you eat, and hygiene. Since then, I have always taken Ciprofloxacin with me, as it's only a three day course of antibiotics and works very quickly for stomach upsets. Give it 24 hours of fluids and if that hasn't worked take the Cipro.  Otherwise, fantastic place. Hearing the indri is unforgettable.

Hi, Thanks for the words of advise. I will sort out the medicine you've recommended. Forwarned is forarmed!

Thanks again

Hi Ron,

Not one of your travelling companions but did the trip last October.  Fantastic!  As Meerkat says, take something for stomach upsets, I think most people came down with it at some point or other and we just had Imodium which worked fine to get you through most of the day but obviously didn't clear it.  We're not ones for sanitizing hand gels but even those that were obsessed got the lurgy!

We were taken to some really good restaurants along the way, enjoy!  Don't bother eating in the lodge restauarant at Feon ny Ala at Andasibe, go across the road to Chez Marie for infinitely better food. 

Not really a leisurely trip, as the brochure would have you believe, even our tour guide disagreed with this.  Some climbing through rain forests and the trek to the pool (forget the name of the place but last but one stop before the coast) was tough in the heat - as expressed by those that did it because we had the dodgy bellies that day so copped out with just a mooch in the picnic area (just fine as plenty of birds and lemurs to keep us amused).

It's a superb tour, such varying landscapes and great activities, hope you have as good a time as we did.  We'll definitely go back to Madagascar.




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