Sicilian Volcanoes - 9 July 2017

I didn't see a thread on this trip so I decided to start one. This will be my first trip with Exodus and first trip to Europe. I'm a geologist by training and have always wanted to see the stratovolcanos of Italy. Looking forward to meeting my fellow travelers.

Hi Tim, my name's Jill and I'm a geologist as well. This should be a fantastic trip!

Hiya Jill! How cool, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this outing is attracting other geologists. Definitely looking forward to the experience. Where are you from? I live in the US.

Hi Jill and Tim.We are a family of 4 from the UK.We have geological experience too..Issy our daughter is just doing A levels and off to do Geology at Uni.The rest of us have what you might say is limited geological experience and Tash is at Belfast uni.
Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Yay geology! I kind of feel sorry for our tour guide...:/
I'm actually a professor in LA but I'm originally from Canada.

This is going to be great! Nice to meet you TimD and family. Jill are you flying into London to depart with the group or joining Catania?

I will be in Catania on July 8 and meet everyone at the airport.

Very cool, Jill. I decide to fly into London and explore there for a day or two and join the group on the flight from Gatwick.

TimD, I guess your crew is taking the group flight from London?

We are actually on the Luton flight on the Sunday really early so we arrive Catania about 10 ish.
Tim what you planning to do in London?

I don't know yet. I've never been. If you had a day and a half, what you you recommend?

Hey Jill, want to split an order of cloth rock sample bags? They are way cheaper in bulk, lol.

Reckon the walk along the south bank from Westminster bridge to Tower bridge is as good as anything.The geology museum is now part of the natural history museum and is really good but probably like a bus and holiday for you...haha.
Pick up some proper tea in Fortune and Masons too.

Sounds good, TimD. Thanks.

Tim, I'm having enough trouble with a packing list. I'm going to have to limit my rock samples unfortunately.

I hear ya, Jill. I hope to do this trip with a carry-on and a small day pack as a person item. I might look into shipping samples home by Fedex. I really hope to find some nice aerodynamically-shaped bombs as souvenirs.

So close now.  Excited for our trip and to meet you guys.  I guess i better get packed.  :-)

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