The Silk Road

Hi to anyone and everyone coming on The Silk Road trip, 25th July 2015.

I was originally thinking Antarctica for this year but a friend of mine convinced me of the delights of the Tien'Shan mountains.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Leicester, UK.

Hi Thomas
I will be on the trip together with my wife Nicky and our 17 year old son Stefan. We are actually flying out on the Friday evening and arriving early Saturday in Taskent so that we have a good nights sleep before the start. We aren't too far from you, we live in Warwick. I understand that there are also two single women joining us on the tour.
Neill Butler

Hi Neill, Nicky and Stefan.
Glad to have you with us.
Have you had any thoughts on what currency to take?

I am still in the process of getting all the Visas sorted. My passport is off at the Uzbekistan embassy presently, and I'll be popping up to Manchester for the China one hopefully in a week or so.

Have you done any other Exodus trips?

Hello there,

I'll be there as well.

I'm also arriving early on Saturday morning, at 6.30 am from Istanbul. Apart from a good nights sleep on the Saturday, I'm going to have another tour of Tashkent - some things we won't see on the planned tour on day 5 - midday to about 6 p.m. (booked via Exodus)

Thomas: Re currency, I'm taking dollars - a lot of small bills ones and 10s, plus 20s and 50s.

See you all then.


Hi Martin
Good to hear you are also on the tour and interested in the extra tour you are doing. Can you share more details? If I am reading your post correctly Exodus booked this for you, they didn't mention this option to us but we would be interested in joining you if that is ok?


Well for anyone on the regular flight from Heathrow on the Saturday, I'm going to be pretty early in Terminal 2 should anyone want to meet up.
I have brown hair / glasses and a white / black Rucksack and will be wandering round; probably with a copy of the trip notes to hand. And the maroon Exodus luggage label on the rucksack.

And we'll see Neill, Martin, Nicky / Stefan in the hotel. Not long now!



Thanks for your post. Sorry I haven’t replied before. I (thought I had) set up replies to this thread so that I got an automatic email when a post was made. Obviously I either set it up wrongly or something went wrong. That is why I haven’t replied yet: not impoliteness.

Of course you, Nicky and Stefan can join me. It’s not an ‘option’ that Exodus have as standard. Since I arrive early on Saturday I thought it would be a good opportunity to see a bit more of the city than we will have time for when we get off the train from Bukhara. I have arranged it for midday from the hotel until about 6 p.m.

It would be best to tell Exodus that you will be joining me so that the local agents are prepared (i.e. a big enough car is provided – unless it’s a walking tour).
What Exodus have said to me is:
“The city tour on 25th of July in Tashkent would cost you $95 USD. The probable program would include the Independence Sqare, the museum of Applied Arts and the Amir Timur Square.”
“The price includes a guide and entrance fees and will be paid for locally.”
For me alone Exodus have quoted USD 95. Theoretically that price should not change a lot.

Also, if you happen to be travelling on the Turkish Airlines flight that gets into Tashkent at 0630, I have already paid for a taxi pickup from the airport. On the invoice it says 1 to 4 passengers, so you can have a free ride. If you want to look out for me, I have glasses, white hair and will have a black Exodus daypack with me edged in bright green.

By the way, Andre Lopes at Exodus is away for a week but you could tell Niraj Shrestha on 0208 772 3922.

See you all then.

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