So looking forward to this

I have been checking the web site for the last month or two to see if enough people were signing up to guarantee the trip. I'm delighted to see that the numbers are there now, and I'm looking forward to meeting you all in Tashkent in September

Cheers, Lesley

Hi Lesley my name is Kath and I am travelling from Manchester to Tashkent.
I love the picture is it your dog?

Hi All.
Looks like we might be meeting up on the same trip?
I, also, will be flying from Manchester & expecting to meet up with the people on the group flight at Istanbul airport.
Looking forward to it.

Hi Martin, my flight from Manchester is 16:30 to Istanbul it is nice to know there will be someone else heading to the same place.
I am looking forward to it but trying not to wish my life away.

Hi Kath. Seems we fly out from Manchester on the same flight :-) As you say, got to try enjoy our British spring & summer first... but it won't be easy.

Hi Martin, I always hope for nice summer weather as I'm sure you do. I have two dogs and get fed up of being constantly wet and muddy. This mornings walk was lovely as the weather was much crisper than that originally forecast. I'm off to Chile next weekend and the weather there is roasting at the moment.

I envy those of you who will have the pleasure of traveling together. For me, it will be train to Melbourne, then flights to Bangkok, Moscow, Tashkent, just under 44 hours door-to-door. I will be arriving a day early to have a quiet day to settle in and recuperate. The downside of living in Oz (where BTW temperature has not dropped below 20 since November). And yes, Kath, that is my dog. I use his picture because he is much, much prettier than I am.

Hi Lesley I didnt realise that you were outside the uk, it will be lovely to meet you. Will you be traveling On the Trans Siberia railway, if so we will have to compare notes.
Your dog has a sweet face, I have a black lab and a springer spaniel.

Hi Kath, no Trans Siberian Rail for me this trip, though I would love to do it some time, so look forward to hearing about your experience.

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