Spice trails of Kerala 16th Jan

Hello fellow travellers
Hope you are all ready for the trip. I have posted a message on this site before with no replies. I am still wondering if anyone would like to meet up at either Heathrow or Mumbai. I am new to travelling solo and would really appreciate contact with another traveller. Sylvia

I am travelling from Heathrow on Saturday with a friend, when is your flight?

My flight is no 9W117 21.05 Heathrow to Mumbai. Is yours the same?

Hi Sylvia. I too am quite new to solo travelling and have never done a connecting flight on my own. I am on same flight as you from Heathrow and would also appreciate some contact. Perhaps we could meet at Heathrow and check in together. Dawn

Hi Dawn. Pleased to hear from you. I would like to check in with you if possible. I have never done a connecting flight on my own. Any ideas where we can meet and what time. Are you checking in on line then dropping bags off or are you fully checking in when you get there. Sylvia

Hi Sylvia. So pleased you got back to me. Travelling with someone else will certainly ease the stress levels. I will be travelling down from Yorkshire so if trains are on time I should be at Heathrow by 4pm so anytime after that. I don't think I have ever flown from Terminal 4 so we could say by the Jet Airways check-in unless you have any ideas. I will have my bright green Exodus kit bag obviously. I usually check in when I get there as I am a bit of a technology and wouldn't have a clue how to do it on line. Dawn

Hi Dawn. I have never flown from terminal 4 as well. I won't get there until about 6pm if that's ok with you I shall meet you at jet airways check in at 6pm. I have a large grey hold-all with luminous green beading and straps. I won't check in on line I shall do it with you. Don't know how you have managed to get everything into exodus bag. I am travelling down to highwycombe tomorrow to stay with my daughter for a couple of days. She will take me to the airport as only 20-30 mins away. I could get there earlier if you want. I think I must have the same stress levels as you. Let me know if you would like to meet earlier. Look forward to meeting you. Sylvia

I haven't tried getting it all in Exodus bag yet but have done it twice before so I'm optimistic. I am a bit of a stress head at times and would prefer to check in earlier if you can make it but if not that's fine. Just that it's an Indian airline so it could be a bit manic. Have you got an e-visa or a full one ? Really looking forward to meeting you too. Dawn

Seems as if a few of us are on the same flight. Will look out for Exodus bags at check in. Jane

Hi Dawn will 5pm be better for you. We have plenty of time so don't get stressed about it. I have an e visa. I will have a look at the exodus bag but my sleeping bag seems to take up a lot of room. It sounds like you have travelled with Exodus before as you have used the bag before. We must keep a look out for Jane as well. Sylvia

Hi Jane. I will keep a look out for you as you can see Dawn and I have made contact so we both will be looking out for you. I know it's early but we should be around check in at 5pm. Look forward to meeting you. Sylvia

Hi Sylvia. Yes this is my fifth Exodus trip but first long haul on my own as I went with friends before. I have an e-visa too. I will stop stressing I promise but travelling with someone else will make it so much easier. Once I leave home on Sat morning I will have no e-mail access. I will be at check-in at 5pm. Enjoy your time with your daughter and I look forward to meeting you on Saturday. Dawn

Hi Jane. As you can see Sylvia and I are meeting at 5 so if you are there about that time we will look out for you. I know it's early but that's my fault. Look forward to meeting you on Saturday. Dawn

Hi dawn and Jane
See you both at 5 at check in if its too early to check in we can meet first then go for a coffee. Sylvia

We will look out for you, am travelling with a friend, Lynda, and will be arriving from Wales by coach, if we don't see you at the check in, how about trying to meet in the departure lounge at, say 7 outside WHSmith, we have got unintentional matching shoulder bags, she's a tallish neat blonde bob and I'm shorter and scruffier!! Left the men to their own devises for a fortnight!!!!!!!

Not long now. Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow. Dawn

I meant , once past security in the shopping area, not the actual departure lounges . Don't know T4 very well , but there must be a WHS there. Look forward to meeting you

Just to clarify is it you Jane thAt is travelling with Linda. There isn't a name at end of message. Will see you outside WHS. Sylvia

Yes, Jane and Lynda, not now with matching bags! But my shoulder bag has a purple creature attached to it! JNe

Hi ladies I'm going on the same trip but in Feb, also traveling solo and also have some anxieties about the transfer in Mumbai. Sadly no one has responded to my post in the February trips. :-( Hope you all have a fab time! x

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