Spitzbergen on the Vavilov from 12 June

Anyone else going on this trip?

Hi, yes me. I am booked on this trip. I'm travelling on my own and have no real idea what to expect. Or what to pack for that matter apart from the list included in the travel notes. First time on this type of holiday.

This will be my 3rd time on the Vav. Can't get enough of it.
You asked about packing. The trip notes are a great help for packing. But basically, even though it's summer here, it will be around zero on Svalbard. So take a big padded water proof coat. and trousers. also lots of thin base and mid layers. wooly socks, a couple of pairs of water proof gloves and some inner gloves. A wooly hat is good too. If you don't want to take a coat with you, to save space you can hire gear on the ship. that info is in with your stuff from Exodus. You will be blown away by how great it is, the guides and rest of the ships crew are brilliant. you get well looked after. see you on board

Just thinking, even if you are not big into photography bring a camera. you will pictures you will keep for the rest of your life.

Pretty amateur when it comes to photography, but would like to be better. Have just invested in telephoto lens for my camera so I'm in with half a chance! I'm assuming normal casual clothes on the boat in the evenings in the bar?

yep normal clothes inside the ship. there is a photography expert on board. he will help you get the best out of your equipment.

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