Stok Kangri Trip - July 25th

Hi All;

Anyone else heading to Stok Kangri July 25th ?

Boston USA

Hi Jack,
My name is Ian and I have also signed up for the Stok trip.
I have had a few friends climb the hill in the past and all reports are very positive. So I am looking forward with much anticipation.
Cheers Ian

Hello Ian.
Looking forward and excited as well. We've had a ton of snow in Boston this year so I've been able to do some winter climbing to get ready. I hear I'm the only one from USA and that it's full. See you in India !!!


Hi Guys,

My name is Judit and I've also booked this trip. I'm looking forward to this 'holiday'. Have you thought about squeezing in a visit to Taj Mahal?


Hi Judit;

Would love to visit Taj - Don't know if we'll have time. Hoping to see some Delhi sites (Red Fort/Humayuns Tomb etc.) I arrive a day early since I'm coming from US.

Look forward to meeting you


Hi all
My name is Peter from Sydney. I have signed up for the Stok Kangri trip. I look forward to meeting you all in Delhi.

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