Tailor-made clothes and speaking the language

I'm going on the Cycling Vietnam trip soon. I hear there are great opportunities to get clothes made in Hoi An. Does anyone have any tips about this? How much should I be expecting to pay, should I bring pictures of what I'm looking for, that sort of thing?

And secondly, I'd be interested to know how people have got on with trying to speak Vietnamese. Is it difficult to make yourself understood? Do the Vietnamese welcome the mangled efforts of foreigners or are they happy to speak English?

Any other tips about Vietnam would be much appreciated - thanks!

Hi, I work for Exodus and had a chance to go on one of our trips visiting Hoi An. 

Most of the shops in the town are tailors and can make any type of garment in less than 24 hours. (Given tourists only stay in Hoi An for a limited duration, they guarantee to deliver and they do!)

Yes, Pictures will be a good ideas, Price wise, they are cheaper than tailor-made stuff in UK but sometimes you end paying more on individual items, it all depends on what you are going to order. I had a tailor-made shirt and a Tshirt done for under 10 pounds each. 

Vietnamese are very friendly crowd. If you know any Vietnamese they'll love to hear it. I loved the coffee there so much that by the end of my stay I could order one, exactly how I like it and in Vietnamese. Little Vietnamese go a long way. 

All about my experience here - http://experts.exodus.co.uk/good-morning-vietnam-by-exodus-imran-arshad/

Do let me know if you have any other questions.




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