Tatras Winter Activiy - 31/16

Hi to everyone going on this trip,

Looking forward to experiencing something new as never been on a winter holiday before.

I spend most of my time in shorts and t-shirt so will be a new experience having to wear winter clothing :-)

Will be on the going on the group flight from Heathrow.


Hi backpack_doug. I'm going too! Can't wait. Have you got ski wear? I have a jacket but wondering whether I need ski pants or whether I can get away with thermals and waterproof trousers.

Hello, I am going on this trip although possibly not the same date as you. I have never done winter activities either and I bought some very cheap ski trousers which are extremely warm.... Possibly too warm when doing activities?!


Haven't bought any clothing yet, was going to get some after Christmas.

I was thinking of getting ski trousers as most likely to spend more time in the snow rather than on it :-)

Might look into the thermal layer and waterproofs though as might be a better option for cross country and snowshoeing.

Yes I will take waterproofs too. I am not sure how warm I will be... Could be one extreme or the other!
Looking forward to the trip.

Hey Guys,

I'm getting excited about this trip now Christmas is behind us. I've got some wet weather sailing gear so planning on wearing that with layers. I've been on one skiing holiday a long time ago so I just hope that what I learnt comes flooding back on the slopes!!

See you in Poland


Hi all,
I'm also booked to go to Tatras on 31st January and will be flying from Heathrow on the group flight. I've been skiing before but not for a few years and fancied doing the winter activities as a bit more variety than a whole week of skiing.
I'm arriving at Heathrow by coach and will be there 3 hours plus before the flight so would be good if anyone fancies meeting up at the airport for a bite to eat and a drink?

I normally get to the airport 3-5 hours before flight to allow for delays.
Will be good to meet up. Never been through H5 before so any preference on which pub to meet in?


Hi Backpack_doug,
I've never actually flown from Heathrow before so I don't really know where best to meet, although I guess there will be plenty of places to choose from. My email address is [email protected]. Maybe easiest would be to exchange mobile numbers then can text/call and arrange a meet somewhere?


As per email, suggest meeting in crown river pub after security.

I've finished work now for 2 weeks. Time to start preparing my stuff! I don't know what to pack!!! Borrowed ski gear off a friend so shouldn't be cold. The weather forecast actually looks a bit too warm for what we're doing.

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