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I will be joining the Chianti Walking & Wine trip on 5th September and wonder if anyone has yet booked up their tour of the Uffizi Galleries on Thursday 10th and at what time. Just thinking that if other members of the Group have booked, or intending to book, we could all go at the same time.


Bob Selby

Hi Bob

My name is Alan and I travelling with my partner Hilary.
Have you booked your ticket for the Uffizi Gallery as we are also going to visit.
If yes let me know the time slot and I will try to book the same.
If no what time do you want to book to enter?
Looking at the Uffizi Gallery web site there is still plenty of choice for the 10th September.

Best Regards

Alan and Hilary

Hi Alan,
I spoke to one of Exodus reps and he told me we should be in the area of the galleries by 11:45 so I have booked a ticket for a 12:30-12:45 entry. Haven't heard about anyone else's booking times. See you a week Saturday - hoping that the earlier flight times will mean we will have a chance of a tour of Pisa before we get to the farmstead hotel, if not, may well use our free day to head back for a visit.

Hi Bob

I have booked tickets for 1230 entry.

See you next Saturday in Pisa.

Alan and Hilary

Hi Bob

I have received and printed off voucher for Uffizi Gallery. Time of access given is 1430.
Check your ticket to see what time you have been allocated.

Alan - (thought I sent this last night!) my ticket definitely shows entry time between 12:30 and 12:45. Perhaps this slot was sold out when you booked and they have sent you this as nerest option. You should still be well within the time when we are in Florence. Coming up tomorrow evening and staying at Gatwick overnight - may see you then, if not Saturday

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