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Anybody out there on the same trip as my friend Lisa and I? We are flying from Heathrow on Friday 9/10 - the day before the group flight - as we quite liked the idea of having an additional day to acclimatise and chill out.


Hi Karen. My friend and I are on this trip, but we're travelling on the 10th.... not long to go now!! we'll see you there!!

Hi Ellie

I'm travelling with Karen and we are looking forward to this trip. Look forward to meeting you and your friend it's going to be great fun. Lisa

Hi Ellie!

Lisa and I are travelling out the day before - on Friday - so that we have an additional day to get acclimatised! Really looking forward to meeting you and your friend. I understand there are only the 4 of us on the trip. Really starting to get a bit excited now. See you in Ho Chi Minh City a week on Saturday!

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