Thai Indochina - fellow-travellers from Heathrow

Hiya - I've just booked for this trip and will be travelling solo. Would be pleased to make contact with anyone doing this trip flying out of London Heathrow on Sunday 11 January. I've booked myself onto the Malaysian flight at 10.50 which appears to be the same as organised by Exodus. cheers - Tim Woodley

Hi Tim
Im hills also on this trip flying with exodus flights which are the same as your own booking. It's soon coming round and I can't wait just got back my passport today with visa for Vietnam. It's my first trip travelling by myself well apart from a group of strangers ha ha you? Lots of programs lately on the same areas we are going too so really wetted my appetite for this trip.

Hi Hills and thanks for your response. This will be my 3rd recent trip travelling solo - previously a month's tour of western USA national parks and then a couple of weeks touring Peru and hiking the Inca Trail. On both of those trips about half were solo travellers and I think it will be similar this time. I have already got my seats allocated, but it would be great to have someone to chat to in Heathrow departure lounge - even more so for Kuala Lumpur. Can't access your email through this site so here's mine - [email protected] - if you make contact that way I'll swap mobile phone numbers. I too am waiting for my Vietnam Visa (not the easiest application!) and a little nervous about the turn-round time because i fly to Iceland next week. Then little time to get my act together for SE Asia - but really excited having seen the Sue Perkins progs and one on Angkor still to watch.

Think you're right, Tim, that they'll be plenty of solo travellers-I'm concerned we're going to be the only couple! But we're oldies, more surrogate grandparents, so will want entertaining by others! I can't remember the only other time we went with Exodus whether there was a bit more chat amongst fellow travellers. Also surprised that it's not fully booked - but, hey, it might mean we get through the visa controls more quickly!I think we get in later than you on Monday so look forward to catching up at the evening meeting/meal.

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