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Anyone booked on the 6th November tour? Would be great to hear from any other travellers :)


Hi Nikki. I've just signed up! Really looking forward to the trip. Never been to India before so ready for an adventure. Hope we get to see some tigers :)

Hi Carole :) it's my first time in India too. I've been wanting to see a tiger in the wild since I was tiny so I'm really excited! Are you going out on the main flight or travelling independently?

Hi again. I'm on the main flight. Will be at the airport early as have to fly down from Newcastle first. Did my visa application this morning so will now panic till it comes back. Last time I sent my passport away to get a visa it got lost and I had to get a new one at the last minute! Are you on FB? I'm easy to find. Search for Carole Boland and my photo is me sitting in a waterfall wearing a crash helmet!!

I'm going too and am flying out on group flight but staying on for another trip afterwards.

Yep, I'm on Facebook, I'll try and find you. Are you on there too Heather? I'm also easy to find, Nikki Lynas and it's a picture of me in front of city skyline.

Hi Nikki

I think I've now sent you a friend request - if not another Nikki Lynas will get it. I can't get this site to call me anything but anonymous at the moment - it used to work. Really looking forward to India - I've only transited through Delhi airport before and seen a bit of it from the air. Fingers crossed for at least one tiger!

Hi Heather,

I didn't get the request but my cover photo is me with an aardvark if that helps? I never know what people can see when I'm not their friend already but I'm from Leicester which I think should also show up.

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