TMM Mount Toukbal

Is there anyone else going on this trip?

I'm not sure what the TMM bit stands for but I'm traveling with them on the Mt Toubkal trip on the 8th May til 15th

Likewise, I'm on 8th May too plus a mate

Anyone flying out on the 29th May?

anybody leaving Gatwick on the 1st for Mt Toubkal?

I'm going to Gatwick 1 May as well.

Hi, good to here your going 1st May, are you travelling to Gatwick sat night? Would be good to connect and have a natter either before or on the evening of Departure, i'm in Derby. Martin Fell Runner, Climber and searcher.

Hi ,the name is Rory from Wimbledon, also travelling 1st May, will see you at Gatwick Sunday morning!

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