TMT Peaks and Valleys of the Atlas

Is anyone travelling on TMT Peaks and Valleys of the Atlas?
I'm going on 7th August and wondering who else is going.

Hiya Phil!

I'm going !! (to Africa on TMT Peaks and Valleys) - hope you're still checking the website and posts - would love to chat- so excited someone else is on here:)

oops - forgot my name in my last post:0

I'm Patricia

Hi Phil & Patricia

I am also going on the trip. Have either of you done any similar trip? Any insider tips?


Hey Sean!
Nope - this is an adventure for me. But I love the mountains and have done a fair bit of day hiking. Just headed out on an 11k 1000m hike in a few minutes:) I'm curious to know what kind of gear you guys are planning on taking - size of your daypack, clothes for the HOT HOT HOT weather hiking, boots vs. hikers, water (reservoir/camelback or just water bottles; pills vs. pump etc)? What sort of hiking have you guys done?

Nice to hear from you, Patricia and Sean.
Really looking forward to this one, this will be my 10th Exodus trip. You are in good hands with Exodus!
I have done Toubkal in May 2007 and fell in love with the area. Patricia you were asking about size of sack etc.... I'm taking a 30ltr as all your kit bags are carried on mules so you just need what you want each day. I find a trekking pole ideal for descending scree. Also isotonic energy gels are handy in case you need that extra boost to get you to the summit. Don't forget the factor 30+ and after sun.
I'm from Merseyside area and regularly get to the hills at weekends in Snowdonia or the Lake District so if anyone fancies a pre- Atlas walk it would be good to meet up.
My email is [email protected].
Otherwise happy training and look forward seeing you in Morocco.

Hi Phil, Patricia and Sean

I have just booked on to this. becoming something of an Exodus junky.

Looking forward to meeting you all. I am based south of Oxford. Love Snowdonia so, yes would be up for a meet up there.
No idea how I will cope with the heat as not trekked anywhere really hot before.


Hi All,
My husband Nathan and I (Liz) will be on the trip! Very excited. It will be our 4th Exodus trek, having done Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc Circuit and the Himalayas (Ladakh). We are expecting something similar to the Himalayas in terms of terrain, distance and heat.
Having 'got the t-shirt' with altitude sickness (on Kili) we will be taking half an aspirin a day whilst we are there. Worked a treat in the Himalayas. Also would recommend walking poles like Phil. As for heat, Gordon, it is the basics... hat (maybe which covers your neck), sunglasses, sunscreen, plenty of water and loose clothing.
Patricia, boots all the way for us; 'Buffs' essential and very versatile; we tend to use a mixture of Camelbak and bottles as a back up; bring a fleece liner for your sleeping bag if you have one as the high altitude nights could be colder than you expect (Phil, can you remember what Toubkal base camp was like?)
What are people thinking re water purification? We took all the stuff to India, then the staff boiled water every day for us so we didn't need it. I am guessing we can buy bottled water in the villages on most days? We take the tiny concentrated squash bottles for flavour!
We are on the group flight from Gatwick on Sunday 7th. Will be 'bag-spotting' at check-in!
Looking forward to meeting you all!

Patricia, I am taking my standard day pack (30ish litres), hiking shoes + gaiters in case there is serious rain. If you dont have a reservoir, I would strongly recommend one, it is just easier constantly stopping to go into your bag, it keeps your water cool, plus it helps it the weight distribution in your bag.

Liz, I have a new and untested water filter, so, but will bring tablets just in case. I am working on the worst case scenario that we will need to fill up from streams regularly, but hoping that water wont be an issue...

Good call on the aspirin for the altitude.

Is anyone taking a mosquito net? It is on the kit list, but I dont know if it is actually required, or they just copy and paste the kit list.

Also on the group flight from Gatwick.

Hi everyone,

I'll be there too; it's my first time trekking this high or hot - but then there's no fun if it's easy.

See you on the group flight, we'll have to play bag spotting and find each other en route...

If anyone wants to arrange meet up at the airport my email address is [email protected]

the trip is nearly upon us. Think I will have a practice pack.

How did this all work out? Looking at perhaps doing this late August

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