TNE October 1st


Anyone going to EBC and Goyko lakes on October 1st?? Would like to compare notes??


Hi Rosa it's Austin here and I'm travelling from Perth, Australia to go on this tour. I'm really looking forward to the trip & hope I'm prepared :-) Hope you're looking forward to it too

Hi Rosa/Austin,
Its Stuart here from Wales, I'm going on this trip, Very much looking forward to starting now, I'm hoping iv prepared enough! What would you like to compare Rosa?

Hello Guys,

Exciting isn't it?? Austin look forward to meeting you in Katmandu
Stuart are you travelling from Heathrow and are you travelling up on the day?

Hi Rosa,
It is, just cant wait to start now!
I am travelling from Heathrow, my flights at 9.30pm on the 1st so going to travel up early. U going up on the same day?

Hello Stu,

yes I'm travelling up on the 1st also. I'm hoping to get to terminal 4 by approx 5.30pm on National Express. Have just taken delivery of Exodus bag so can start packing. I presume this for our main luggage and not for the sherpa to carry!!

Im travelling on national express to. Aiming to get there by 6pm. Iv had no delivery of bag yet, hopefully it will be there when I get home.
Shall we meet in departure before flight? may be better to respond to email as here is delayed ! [email protected]

Hi I'm Louise! I wanted to say hello before we meet. I've just called exodus about the group. Apparently nost people on the trip are single travellers and there's a mix of people in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. I'm joining the flight at Heathrow, travelling down to London by train from Manchester on Wednesday. I hope to be there from about 4:30 or 5pm. Coincidently Virgin trains have upgraded my ticket to first class for free, so I shall be arriving in style and comfort! I had better not get used to it!

It's my first trekking holiday and I'm super excited. My brother James is travelling from Canada to join the trip and will meet us in Kathmandu. Austin, I reckon you'll have travelled the furthest though?

I hope to meet a few of you loitering in Heathrow... perhaps we can use this forum to try and arrange a meeting place whislt we still have 3G/4G or wifi access!

See you on Wednesday!
Louise / Lou

Ps you've all talked about preparations... what do you mean? Lots of walking in the mountains? Altitude training? Or just shopping and packing equipment?!
I've not done as much walking as I'd hoped, but I am fit so hope that will serve me well. How I'll feel trekking at altitude is an unknown even if I had done lots of walking.

Just wondering!

Hello louise, I'm travelling from Bristol, hoping to be there approx 5.30pm- but unlike you I shall be with all the commoners in cattle class on National Express though!!! Luckly girl......Training .......what training???
Packing is just a nightmare for me -I never get it right no matter where I'm going. Would be good to meet in Heathrow if only to discover what we've forgotton.....

Given up on the packing and re-packing for tonight.

Hi. Going to go thru to departures now

Hi. Going to go thru to departures now

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