TNT, Everest Base Camp 19th Sept 2014

Hi all,

just a quick note to say hello to anyone else coming on this trip. All packed? Learned the local language?
Doing any prep work?

Hope to hear from some of you,


(though after today's bike ride ugh I need to get fitter!)

Hi Thomas,
I'm going to Himalayas on 19th Sept. Trying to do as much prep as possible but still I have a feeling I'm not fit enough.. Just month to go.. :))) Cant wait :)


Just 2 weeks to go! Apparently there is 5 of us coming from London on the 19th - same flight. Any one here?

Hi Agnieszka
I'm travelling from the UK but on a different flight from the main group, will arrive in Kathmandu at the same time as you though.
Getting excited but a bit nervous about the altitude.
Looking forward to meeting you, Thomas and the rest of the group. Hope we all have a great trip ...

Hello Everybody, my name is Mandy and I, along with a friend of mine called Caroline, will be joining you for this trip, we're on the group flights. Excited and nervous and can't wait to meet the rest of you! Less than two weeks now...

Hi all,

and its great to hear from people after my initial post a month or two ago. I was starting to think I was going on my own :-)
I'll have the Exodus tag on my green rucksack at Heathrow come the 19th and will likely wait near the pub to the left as you exit security inside the departure lounge.
Hope to see the other four of us Heathrow departees there, and we'll look out for you in Kathmandu Colin.

Map wise I have the National Geographic 3001 Everest Base Camp adventure map, and the Lonely Planet Nepal guide book.

As for altitude, from past trips to Kilimanjaro etc. I'd say drink the water, walk slowly and you'll be fine Colin. Its the cold I'm more worried about - my friend went on this trip and couldn't reach Base Camp due to snow!


Hi Colin,
Looking forward to meeting you at Kathmandu :)
And I think we will have an amazing trip! I read a lot about the altitude sickness - hopefully we will not get it :)
See you soon,

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