Going on this trip by myself, so would like to chat others going in october 16 or anytime this year
what gear are you taking ?
any training that your doing ?
Anything and everything about this trip.

So excited as it has been a dream for awhile now

Ive done the three peak chalenge in england but nothing abroad no real experience of long treks

Hi, I'm off on the 'High Passes to Everest Base Camp' Oct 14. Just get as fit as possible and as much hill / walking as you can, with the gear you'll be using. Check 'You tube' for info on kit lists / advice etc. Good luck.

Thx clubbster
yep lots of training needed as im a bit of a chubster atm lol. done all the youtube vids and kit lists
pretty much got most things now
slowly breaking in my nice shiny solomon gtx boots
and arcterx waterproofs :)
Hopefully doing the three peak challenge again in june to put all the gear through its paces

Amazon have a neat filter-as-you-drink water bottle and filter-from-tap gadget at the moment. I've used them before and they work well. Better than drinking iodine-treated water or buying water in bottles. Also, take alcohol-based hand-wash and use it religiously before food to help avoid stomach problems.

Hi guys, we are doing Everest base camp trek 7th October 16. Was going to take bags but very expensive and don't think I would use again. Have ordered x2 for trip from Exodus. Anyone else have any thoughts. Will take my own liner though.

Hi Jules. I've been on treks in Nepal where people have rented them and their bags were fine ... though that was a few years ago now. I have my own 5 seasons one (Rab Ascent 900) but that cost £240 and weighs 1.5Kg (which seems a lot given the weight restriction on the Lukla flight). I wouldn't worry about cleanliness given that the sheet on the lodge bed is only changed when it looks dirty anyway! I'm more bothered about the pillow. I usually use my down jacket as a pillow for cleanliness, and because it's softer than the rock hard pillows.

Any benefit in obtaining visa prior to departing UK?
Also is it best to exchange cash when in Kathmandu or again prior to depart UK ? (Sterling to NPR or USD to NPR)

The currency in Nepal is non-convertible so you will have to change your money in country. There are ATMs in Kathmandu but I would take cash and convert it at the hotel. I recall the rate being better than at the airport. You need to show your passport to do so.

I always get my visa before travelling to Nepal because the airport is so chaotic, and so that I know there will be no problems on entry. The Travcour service works best for me, even though it adds to the cost, as I don't live near London.

I concur with DJ.

£ Sterling is readily exchangable at Kathmandu airport and the hotel. I used both. There is no need for American dollars. We found the ATMs in Kathmandu to be hit and miss regards whether they would give you any cash or not.

I also prefer to obtain my visa in advance. Once you experience it, the quicker you can get through Kathmandu airport the better.

I'm doing the Everest Base Camp 22 October departure, following on from another tour. Just confirmed it this morning, so now's the time to start planning the gear and ramping up the training.

Just stumbled across this forum and found the comments so far very useful, particularly the Visa idea. I'm going to EBC for the first time on the trip leaving 7th October. Any advice on what jabs are needed before leaving and what to take in terms of medicines for altitude sickness and the trots etc?

I'm doing the trip on the 21st, does anyone know how strict they are on the 10Kg weight allowance, as it really doesn't allow for much ? I've been on trips in Africa before where this has been the pre specified limit, but the reality is always fairly flexible as long as you are sensible and use the right type of duffel bag.

It's the Lukla flight which imposes the restriction. It was reduced after that crash a few years ago. I suppose it depends on the all-up weight on the flight whether they'll accept payment for a bit extra. 10Kg is not very much for a kitbag of cold weather layers and an all-seasons sleeping bag. There's a hand luggage allowance too, don't forget.

Having done the Lukla flight a couple of times and Jomsom, the trick to reducing your luggage weight is to wear as much as possible - your bags are weighed but you are not, so if you have a heavy down coat, put it on.

So what departures is everyone on? I'm on the one that's 22nd October (or 21 October if leaving from UK) as I'm joining it in Kathmandu after another trip. Happy to catch up with anyone before hand in London. Got to start getting the kit all sorted now - seems pricier than the trip!

Im going on the 8th october 2016 basecamp trek. But I am booking my own flights and meeting up at the hotel in KTM.
Im thinking of flying with emirates from BHX two stops and biman airlines landing in KTM 2pm
Has anyone else booked flights out of exodus?

Roughly three months to go !! getting more of a reality as they trip gets paid up and organised.
Think I've got most of kit sorted. probably too much lol
that weight restriction is going to be tight.

Honestley getting excited now !
trip of a lifetime

Mark 40 from Birmingham
anyone else going on the 8th oct?

Mark, I am going on the 7th, but using Exodus flights, so guess we are on the same trip. Just starting to realise that I need to get organised and purchase the rest of my kit. I'm also Birmingham based - small world!!

Hi guys, my brother and I are going on the 7 th Oct too. We are going with Exodus from Heathrow. Looking forward to it too guys.

Going on the same trip guys. Flights are with Exodus. Looking forward it now. Going with my brother. Can't wait.

Looks like I'm getting there a day early lol flights booked today phew !
Nice to speak to people doing the same trip simmo/barney
If anyone fancies doing some hills for training and test out there gear I'm all for it
I've done the three peak challenge before but not much Hill wise for a while just sticking to the running cycling etc for now

Mark. Not sure you can really train for the altitude issue, but I do quite a bit of walking with the Black Country Walking Group and Energize. You can join them on the Meetup site and come along to some walks if you like, and we can have a chat about EBC. Both are a nice bunch of people.

Funny only found meetup yesterday !ive joined energise under (mark f) if you want to message me or tell me your user name
It'll be cool to meet before its a bit weird going solo.
I'm doing Malvern Wednesday
Get my legs moving

Ok Mark. I use my name Keith on Meetup and the picture has me with my dog. Look forward to meeting you on a walk. I may go on the Saturday walk to Lake Vyrnwy, but at the moment I am just waiting to confirm a couple of things before deciding. Failing that the 31st is probably the next Energise one that looks interesting.

Keith from smethick? Only Keith I could find but no dog in pic

Hi Mark, Sorry my energise one just says Keith, Member since Tuesday 12th Jan 16

Sorry can't find you been through 864 people about 5 times now

Hi all, is anyone on the 14th October EBC trip? I'm flying out of Heathrow with Exodus on Jet Airways via New Delhi.

From the dates, it looks like those going on the 7/8th are arriving back in Kathmandu about the same time the 21/22 group are arriving ready to start - so maybe a good chance to compare notes of things to quickly get before heading out! I started a thread for those on the 22nd departure.

Hi Mel. My wife Jaclyn and I are both on the 21/22 departure. Unfortunately, we live in the North West; so nowhere near London. We have very nearly assembled most of the kit we need. And, even though we are both pretty keen hill walkers, and already have lots of outdoor stuff, it was still a fair outlay - but a great excuse to buy lots of lovely new gear nonetheless !! We have been training most weekends in the Lake District or Peaks and feel fairly well prepared; but you can't really pre-acclimatise for the altitude. If you want to compare notes on anything at all, please feel free to get in touch.

If you're stocking up the first aid kit, Boots have buy one get one half price on all blister ranges (both Boots and Compeed), so I ticked that off the kit list yesterday.

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