Tour de Mont Blanc


We’re a group of 4 peeps doing the TWB starting 23rd June.

Be good to know of any other people joining this trip.

Hello, I am coming on this trip on my own. Looking forward to it!

Hello, I am coming on this trip on my own. Looking forward to it!

Hello, I am coming on this trip on my own. Looking forward to it!

Hello, I am coming on this trip on my own. Looking forward to it!

Apologies I didn't write that comment 4 times my laptop seems to be possessed!

Hi David

We’re looking forward to it too! When I spoke to Exodus, when paying the balance, they said they had 5 confirmed and 2 possibles. We may be a small group! 

How’s the training going? 


I haven’t done any training but now you mention it I think I probably should do something! I did the Annapurna circuit last year with no training so i am assuming I’ll be ok but then that may be foolish. 


Are you prepared? 

If you did the Anapurna Circuit last year without any prep I think it's safe to say you'll be absolutely fine!  

We're trying to get a few walks in over the weekends but not too many mountains to climb around us!  We live close to Salisbury.

Hi!!! I am also flying solo on this trip! CAN'T WAIT! The training has been making me a bit nervous! Hoping it will all be fine though

Hi Kelsy 

Looking forward to meeting you! Did you both receive the email about the possible snow remains? Could be interesting! Relieved they didn’t suggest crampons!! I would have definitely backed out then! 

Looking forward to the trip.  Hoping for sunshine, cool temperatures, and and a well-earned drink at the end of the day.  Traveling solo.

Hi All

I'm on another trip but I'm so jealous of you all as this is a wonderful tour.  Have fun !!!!

Thanks Stevie B - really looking forward to it and meeting the fellow travellers. What trip are you doing this year? 

Hi. I have not received any message about snow remains, but hopefully there won't be much left come July!

I stopped hiking in boots over 15 years ago.  I strongly prefer trail runners with a zero drop.  Currently I am using a pair Altra Lone Peak 3.5s.  For snow I'm bringing microspikes by Kahtoola.  Don't forget baskets for the trekking poles.

I am carrying everything in an Osprey Kestrel 38 liter backpack...which is more than I need.  I am tempted to go down to 32 liters...but then I would have to be hanging a bit of laundry off the back during the day for whatever didn't completely dry over the shower rod the night before.  Not so keen to be spending my limited free time darning socks each eve.

Glad you’re taking a 38L backpack as I’m only taking a 26L! Maybe you’ll have room for some of my extra stuff 😂

Never worn any of the footwear you mention and I’ll be wearing my trusted walking boots. I do have snow baskets for my poles but hoping they’re not required!  

Look forward to meeting everyone on the 23rd! 


Hello! I'm starting the TWP on the 23rd. Is anyone bringing gaiters? Mine are quite heavy and I'm trying to keep my pack to 10 kilos, but I'm not sure it's wise to leave them at home. I'm so excited for this trip!

Hi Emily

I can confirm that the 4 of us aren’t bringing gaiters.  Hoping that it’s not going to be muddy and that we have lovely weather every day! 

We now know there are at least 8 people on this trip too!  

Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday - Linda

Hi Windy,

Thanks for letting me know! I've been following Chamonix's weather since January and it looks pretty good so far.

Looking forward to meeting you as well!


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