Trails of Borneo

Hi, just wondering if anyone else has signed up for this trip?

Hi Dora,
Yes me and my friend Sarah are.... Are you travelling alone or with someone?

Hi Dawn I'm travelling with my trek buddy Ethel. Really looking forward to an amazing trip. Have you done anything like this before? Who are you flying with.

Hi Dora, no i haven't done a trip like this but my friend has climbed Kilimangaroo and another mountain in Morroco - so has more experience. We are both very excited though. Exodus have arranged our flights - we are flying from London Heathrow. Where are you travelling from?

Hi Dawn, we are travelling from Bournemouth and flying Singapore Airlines from LHR arranged by Exodus. We have climbed Killi too so though you could say experienced you don't need to worry, every trip is different and slowly slowly is the way to go. It is getting close now and we have been trying to sort kit/luggage - we can't see anything that requires diamonds and tiaras so trek gear is going to be only outfits in the bag. Looking forward to meeting you both. Do you know how many people have signed up for this trip? our Trailfinders person didn't know

Hi folks, I am going on this trip too. Flying down to heathrow fri night, staying over for the flight sat morning. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

I too am trying to sort out my kit bag, been camping in Scotland but no where like borneo lol.

Hi Ally good to hear from you, well at least we now know there are at least 5 of us on this trip! Are you flying Singapore or are you on the Malaysian flight? I think we will be looking at everyone's footwear on Saturday thinking mmmm they look like trek boots I wonder....... In the meantime lots of work to get through before 6am Departure from Bournemouth...... See if we can spot you in the crowd lol!!

Hi Dora, I am on the Malaysian flight. I'll be the tall, white lost looking Scottish guy with walking boots on lol.
My living room floor is laying like a riot trying to figure out what I am taking and how to fit it into suitcase lol
what time is your flight with Singapore airlines?

Hi Ally we fly at 11.25am so due to be in LHR from 8.30 traffic and weather depending. We fly to Singapore and get the connecting flight to Miri. ETA Miri 16.00 Sunday so I guess you will be there before us. What time is your flight? Re packing -we have tried not to overthink things and it's only the climb that's going to be cold by all accounts. Just had my last Japanese Enchephalitis jab and Rabies so I am definitely going, ready or not lol

Hi dora, I am flying out from heathrow at 11:55 am getting connecting flight at Kuala Lumper and ETA Mirri at 12:30 so yes I think I be there before you and your friend.
I am hoping other people going on this trip are on my flight as would be nice to chat and not be like billy no mates lol.
If the Singapore and Malaysian check ins are close together ill keep an eye out and see if I can spot you to say hello. As I will be booking in around 8:30amish.
I feel under prepared now with jabs I was only given tetnus booster, hep A and thypoid just as well I am well insured lol
Yeah just been looking at the weather, looking good and hot. though I might not be saying that as we start climbing Mount Kinabalou, ill be at the back walking slowly.
I have never done any trip like this before so I am very excited, looking forward to it and a wee bit nervous.

Hey Ally we may well meet at check in - are you terminal 2? We opted for Singapore Airlines so we can do a whistle stop tour lol. KL was an option. It's probably us that will be Billies lol. Any way your first task should you choose to accept it is find your way around the hotel when you get there and you can give us the guided tour when we finally arrive. All you have to remember is you paid to do this, you are likely to meet some lovely people you don't know from Adam but who are also full of adventure! So bring on Borneo we are ready (Once the kit gets into the trek bag) lol re the climb - slowly slowly we will all be at the back

Hi dora, cool whistle stop tour sounds good. looks like we wont meet till mirri as I am leaving from terminal 4 lol looking forward to meeting everyone.........eventually when it comes lol

See you on the other side. Last time we went there could have been 16 the reality was 6 so time will tell. Have a good flight

Hi dora hope you have a good flight and stop over at Singapore too.
I hope my flight isn't too busy so I can recline and get a sleep as its a long flight.
looking at books to ready see you in mirri

Don't know if you'll even see this now - but Sarah and I flying from Heathrow-Malaysian Airlines at 11.55. Terminal 4 too i think - so come and find us Ally!! Both 50 - or nearly, walking gear and walking boots on, both fair haired, slim and very friendly - can talk away - so don't worry about being Billy no mates!!
Apparently there are 8 of us - 4 women and 4 men, i think there is another man on our flight too - sure she said there were 2 men. So, you might even have another friend. Sarah has climbed Killi too - but first adventure of this type for me, not sure that local big hill with dog constitutes training!?!!! Will be at the back too Ally.
All packed - remember plastic bags to go inside ruck sack for inevitable downpours!
Sure we will all have a fab time. Getting excited...
See you on saturday Ally, and see you when you arrive Dora!!

Hi Dawn - got your post - sounds like it's going to be a blast. Can't wait for Saturday......not sleeping too well at the moment too busy counting sleeps lol. Got 2 more days of work yet too. Have a good flight and we will See you on the other side

Hi Dawn, brilliant. looking forward to meeting you both. I will be the tall, fat Scottish guy with brown hair and walking boots on looking a bit lost lol.
sounds good, iam really looking forward to the trip. I just need to finish packing my suitcase and get myself a big enough rucksuck to hold 3 days of clothes and I am done lol

Hi dora/dawn are you taking a suitcase for your main luggage and day rucksake for clothes etc when out walking the trails?

Hi Ally did you really mean suitcase or is that a general term for kit bag?? Just packed my "Bag" 13kgs. Suitcases are not generally what you would take it makes it more difficult for transporting/moving and for porters/Sherpas/guides to carry. I have packed my rucksack in the kit bag. Hope this helps

Hi Dora Thanks for replying, unfortunately yes I did mean suitcase, I had it packed then read through trip notes to check I had everything and saw the bit that said suitcases aren't advised.
I haven't done a trip like this before and had packed a suit case with 19 kgs. ooppps looks like I need a plan B.

Heyyyyy it's all a learning curve, at least it's not too late and at 19kgs I recon you have packed the kitchen sink and your hair straighteners lol. This is basics, 1 in the bag, one on the line and 1 to wear and then you recycle your capsule wardrobe. And in the meantime it will all come good and by the time you get back you will be a seasoned Trekker

Thanks Dora and yes I probably have packed the kitchen sink and straighteners lol.
Just looked out a hold all bag and going through my stuff the now,
Thanks for the advice and I hope you don't mind keeping me right throughout the trip, I am going to need your experience and knowledge lol

Hey Ally You are welcome -I am sure we will find out what your party trick is at some point over the next couple of weeks, we are never too old to learn lol

Thanks dora, my hold all now appears to be about 13 kgs with everthing in it plus my rucksack for trecking. though just worried I have forgot something lol
My party trick will probably be falling a sleep at the drop of a hat after walking in that heat lol

Well done Ally You have gone to the head of the beer queue you deserve one. I'm guessing you are going frizzy now without the hair straighteners lol. Guess you will be travelling soon - I am off to work. See you in Miri

Thanks for your help dora, as I have said I am pretty green about the ears when it comes to trecking. So not sure if I have forgotten anything or brought too much lol the hair will just have to stay straight on its own lol.
Its certainly going to be a learning and good experience.
I am off today so just trying to tidy up before flight to London tonight, see you in mirri

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