Trails of Borneo (AOB) 26th March

Less than two months to this one now.
Any one else going? Found out any useful hints and tips?

I emailed Exodus about a couple of things - here is their reply which people might find interesting.

RE money and changing it at the airport
"You may not have enough time in Kuala Lumpur airport to change your money. You could do it in Miri, however on Sunday the money exchange point will be closed. The solution to it is to withdraw cash from ATM in Miri."

RE: whether previous Exodus bags will be suitable for the internal flights/boat rides etc. or a rucksack
"Exodus kit bag will be perfect for this trek. Just please remember that for the internal flight with Air Asia (Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan ) baggage allowances is 15KG only."

See you all soon.

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