Trails of Ladakh - weather

My daughter and I are looking forward to this trip very much. I've hiked with Exodus in Morocco in the past - an excellent trip with awesome scenery, culture, crew, guide and hikers. I've just got a couple of questions in regards to our upcoming Trails Of Ladakh in Sept.

The weather will vary greatly between Delhi, Lei, on the hike and then in Kashmir for the extension. Can anyone shed any light on the typical September climate whilst we're on tour? I'm wondering about daytime temps, how cold it gets at night in the Ladakh region, particularly on trek... and then also in Srinigar.

I'm also wondering if Exodus supply their normal thick mattresses for the trek, or just a thin mat? If it's the latter then I'll need to bring my own.

Nothing like being prepared, cheers now, Liz from Australia

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