Travelling with walking poles

I've never traveled on a flight with walking poles before. They won't fit in my suitcase - how do people transport them? How do airlines view them? Any advice or thoughts on the matter very much appreciated.

I'm able to fit my poles into my case, but I have travelled with them in my hands and have had no trouble with them. They fit in the category " walking aids " and I have also travelled with crutches. You might want them to walk the long distances nowadays we have to cover to get to the departure gate.
Never been challenged, sometimes received unsolicited help. Just don't forget them and leave them in the overhead locker.

Aha! I just remembered I did get challenged once, and they were reassured to see I had rubber ferrules on the tips, not metal spikes. I may have had to hand them to cabin crew on that occasion. Not sure if that is in accordance with the air passenger authority's rules to do that. Look up the website if in doubt.

I just took my own advice and checked the rules.
Allowed in checked baggage but not in the cabin! Better check with you own airline. Mine will be stowed safely in my suitcase in ten days' time. Apparently crutches are ok.
So sorry to mislead you.

Thanks for answering. I've solved my problem- I'll use a different type of bag in which they do fit!

it`s really interesting
necessarily need to try))

Yes that's right I just remembered that they were reassured to see I had rubber ferrules on the tips and not sure if that is in authority's rules to do that.

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