Trekking in Burma 13th Jan, 2015


it would be good to hear from anyone else on this trip.

This is my first time on a trek & first time to Burma, so no idea what to expect. So far been practicing walks on Suffolk coast which is flat, even, no mozzies, good pubs & comfortable bed at the end of the day!

Guess Burma may be a bit of a shock but exciting


Has anyone got recommendations for the contents of a first aid kit to take along? Can you suggest a better one than the one below?

We all hope that nobody will need anything from a medical kit but it is wise to have one, just in case. I've just checked mine and some of the items are time expired (though some of the expiry dates for things that are not perishable make no sense to me). My list of items is extensive and it may be useful to share it, even if it is now close to departure date. Legal: I'm not a medico (but the list is based on one from my international company merged with that from a Doctor) - your own risk.

First Aid, tropical trekking kit could include:
• Ibuprofen - for joint pains after a long day walking - more or less essential for the over 40s….
• Sun block - essential for those not doing this every day
• Anti-malarials (e.g. Malarone or generic equivalent)
• First aid information (perhaps longer version on smartphone or tablet PC, too)
• Water purification tablets
• Dioralyte (oral re-hydration mixture)
• Loperamide (e.g. Loperamide containing Anti-Diahorrea)
• Antacid - e.g. Rennies (Calcium and Magnesium carbonate)
• Hand gel (Alcohol based)
• Alcohol free cleansing wipes in case injections are needed, wound cleaning
• Large triangular Non-woven bandage
• Wound dressing gauze
• First aid adhesive strip, e.g. Sterostrip
• 2 large adhesive wound dressings
• Sticking plasters. e.g. set of Sterostrip plasters
• Single use thermometer strips
• Deep wound closure strips e.g. Leukostrip
• Loratadine based anti-allergy tablets - Or could use Chlorpenirimine
• Hydrocortizone based anti-allergy/sting/bite cream
• Ciprofloxacin (anti diahorrea prescription tablets) which are for use with first dose of Loperamide
• Clotrimazole Cream - For fungal infections
• Co-Codamol - For pain and fevers
• Chlorpenirimine (Pirition) - for allergy
• Aspirin - To take before a long flight

Hope this helps and to hear from soon-to-be fellow-travellers.


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